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Looking for a Title of a romantic drama


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I watched this movie years ago on TCM or maybe even AMC (when it was still showing "old" movies)

and something this evening made me think of it. Though I can remember the main outline of the story I cannot remember any of the actors or the title of the film. It's driving me nuts that I cannot think of the title. Please help!


The story is about an engaged, wealthy man who falls for a widowed artist who has rented a cottage from his family for the summer. They make plans to get married and start a new life for them and her daughter, but something stops them. Then the man becomes very ill...I think it was pneumonia that he got after getting very drunk and leaving a hotel window open in the middle of winter. And artist goes to the hospital to see him only to be stopped in the waiting room by the man's fiancee (the one he was originally engaged to at the beginning of the movie) who says something along the lines that she isn't going to let the artist come between her and what she wants...which is the man's family money and social standing. Unknown to the fiancee, the man's parents have heard all of her nasty things and tells her to get out the lets the artist into the room with the man. Since love has overcome evil once again, the movie comes to an end.


Thanks, ahead of time for any help that anyone can give.

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