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The Patsy


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I loved watching The Patsy, with Marion Davies a couple of weeks ago, but was distracted by

the Soundtrack by Vivek Maddala. It sounded too modern and didn't seem to fit the 1928 feeling of the film. I do appreciate the tremendous amount of work to produce these original scores, but wondered how others experienced it?

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When I first heard the score back in 2004, I did not like the early portion of it at all, while other parts I felt were quite good. Over the course of time, the entire score grew on me significantly. It is certainly among Madalla's best work for a Silent film. Most of his other scores don't do much for me.



There actually is another more 20's oriented score for this film composed by Maud Nelissen for the older Photoplay Productions edition. I have only seen a short excerpt, but the score and the version do exist. TCM only has the rights to the Vivek Madalla score though. I'll see if I can locate the link with the clip to alternate Maud Nelissen score.






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Nothing can kill a silent film faster than a bad, inappropriate, or intrusive music score. To me, less is more. And although I usually love the lush scores by Carl Davis and Robert Israel and the always right-on music of Mont Alto Orchestra, I am usually quite happy with a nice piano or organ accompaniment. The score should never EVER compete with the film.

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