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Homefront Movies: Any Suggestions?


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I seem to like homefront classic films from the 1940s. I was wondering if anyone had any favorites or suggestions. I own: Since You Went Away, The Best Years of Our Lives, and I'll Be Seeing You.


Is there anymore out there that are worth checking out? Let me know. Thanks



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Sorry, I'm not sure what exactly you mean by "homefront" movies. Films that were made and set in the U.S. during World War II? If that's the case, The Human Comedy (1943) comes to mind, an engaging and somehow innocent little movie. Mickey Rooney plays the lead, and there's a very early view of Robert Mitchum in a bit part.

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American home front--


Dear Ruth (1947)--Mona Freeman. A teenager uses her older sister's name when corresponding with a soldier.


Hail the Conquering Hero (1944)--Eddie Bracken. Marines convince the home town of a discharged Marine that he is a war hero.


Hers to Hold (1943)--Deanna Durbin. A woman gets a job in an aircraft factory.


Miracle of Morgan's Creek (1944)--Betty Hutton. What happens after a woman spends a night out partying with soldiers.


The More the Merrier (1943)--Jean Arthur. Wartime housing shortage in Washington, D.C.


Mr. Winkle Goes to War (1944)--Edward G. Robinson. An unlikely man is drafted into the army.


Saboteur (1942)--Robert Cummings. Aircraft factory worker is accused of sabotage.


Sunday Dinner for a Soldier (1944)--Anne Baxter. A family invites a soldier to dinner. This is one of my favorite films.


The Very Thought of You (1944)--Dennis Morgan. A soldier on leave falls in love with a defense plant worker.


Weekend at the Waldorf (1945)--Ginger Rogers. Several intertwining stories about guests at the hotel.


British home front--


A Canterbury Tale (1944)--Eric Portman. Atmospheric film about war and the past.


Hope and Glory (1987)--Sarah Miles. Not a 1940s film, but an interesting film based on director John Boorman's childhood memories of wartime.


Millions Like Us (1942)--Patricia Roc. About aircraft factory workers.

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A short list of titles that I had set aside for use in a Programming Challenge.


_"He Also Serves Who Only Stands And Waits"_

(The War Effort At Home)


*Rationing* w/ Marjorie Main and Wallace Beery


*Air Raid Wardens* w/ Laurel And Hardy


*Swing Shift Maisie* w/ Ann Sothern


*Tender Comrade* w/ Ginger Rogers


*Doughgirls* w/ Ann Sheridan, Eve Arden and Alexis Smith


*Priorities On Parade* (musical)


*Pacific Blackout* w/ Robert Preston and Martha Driscoll


Kyle In Hollywood

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Soviet home front: [*The Cranes Are Flying*|http://justacineast.blogspot.com/2008/07/cranes-are-flying.html]


Canadian home front: [*49th Parallel*|http://justacineast.blogspot.com/2008/07/canada-day.html]


I can highly recommend both of them, although you might find some of the stereotypes in *49th Parallel* (notably, Laurence Olivier as a Qu?becois trapper) laughable.

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There is a very good British film ?I See a Dark Stranger? (1946), with Deborah Kerr, about a young Irish girl who grows up hearing stories about the Irish Republican Army from her father, then when she grows up she wants to join and fight the British, but there is no active IRA at that time. So she joins with some spies to fight the British, and they turn out to be British Nazi spies. It?s very interesting, a comedy-drama.


Also, Deborah Kerr in ?Perfect Strangers? (1945), about a wimpy young British man and wife who are very boring to each other, but he gets drafted and she becomes bored and joins the lady Wrens, a wartime lady messenger service for the Navy, out in the battle zone. 1/4 of the film is set on the homefront before the war, then 1/2 during wartime, then the last 1/4 back home after the war. They haven?t seen each other for 4 years, and during the war they both became very tough and alert, and they begin to hate the idea of going back home to the other one who they remember as being ?wimpy?, so they have trouble arranging the first meeting after the war, then they get into a big argument when they meet, then they discover they are no longer wimpy. Nice ending.


All Through the Night (1941) with Humphrey Bogart. A bunch of New York gamblers and gangsters join up to fight Nazi spies.

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A whole subtext could be those of people forced to share crowded living space, usually due to housing shortages, in D.C. and elsewhere:


The More The Merrier

The Doughgirls

In The Meantime Darling

Without Love . . . etc.

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*The War Against Mrs. Hadley* 1942


Modern, but quite good is the PBS Masterpiece Mystery series Foyle's War, a detective mystery series set on the south coast of England in WWII. Every plot is deeply involved with what happened on the home front then.

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