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The Rising Of The Moon (1957)


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My usual practice is to program my recorders a week or so in advance according to the Now Playing guide information.


As the recording dates come closer I access the tcm.com daily schedules for changes and shorts scheduling information and make those notations in Now Playing. Then I make whatever changes are necessary and add the shorts I wish to record to the scheduled recordings.


I also take care to compare the running times with the allocated time blocks and make final adjustments or add buffer timing when there are instances of tight scheduling.


Since I use several recorders I employ a tandem recording strategy to equalize usage and simplify rotation in and out of daily use at six to eight month intervals for the routine DVD Drive hub/spindle cleaning with the Panasonic recorders. (My Philips and Magnavox recorders do not require routine DVD Drive servicing.)


Now and then I manage to mess up recording/scheduling. Just a few days ago I expected to find a full DVD when I powered up one Panasonic recorder on Friday morning. Instead, I found that DVD still had two hours of open time. Checking that recorder?s scheduled recordings I found that I had scheduled the Thursday 11:30 p.m. to 2:30 a.m. movie (Jim Thorpe?All American) for Friday at 11:30 p.m. to 2:30 a.m. Then, I scheduled a Friday afternoon movie (The Last Of Mrs. Cheyney) to that DVD before swapping it out prior to two movies (Tycoon and The Front Page) scheduled to begin recording on that Panasonic at 3:00 a.m. Saturday morning.

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I just programmed that one in my DVR, using the guide, the morning before, but it didn't record at all. Now, if I had flocks of DVDRs, and I guess flocks of STBs to feed them, like you do, I might make redundant recordings. Right now, I only make redundant recordings, one from the SD channel, and one from the HD channel, if the aspect ratio is in doubt.

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With Wednesday?s recording of The Outlaw I failed to heed my own May 25th advice. When scheduling the recording I didn?t notice that Virginia City, with a 121 or 122 minute running time, was too-tightly forced into the 120 minute time slot just before that for The Outlaw. The Outlaw, with its 116 minute running time, was scheduled into the next 120 minute time slot. The Outlaw started late?actually seven minutes into its own 120 minute time slot.


I failed to take any of this into consideration when setting up Wednesday?s scheduled recording?nor did I add any buffer time at the end of The Outlaw?s 120 minute time slot. So, I managed to cut off a few minutes at the end of The Outlaw.


As an afterthought I just checked my home-recorded DVD index finding that I had recorded The Outlaw back in March?so that?s where I?ll find the complete version. Had I checked my DVD index before setting up the scheduled recording I wouldn?t have made the duplicate recording.


These ?geezer moments? are becoming more frequent for me.

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I just ran across the worst running-time screwup I've ever seen. Story of a Three Day Pass, a 87m movie, was scheduled in a 65m slot. I noticed, and recorded enough extra, before and after, to get the whole thing. Well, it just cut off after about 62m! No credits, no nuthin! Not on TCM.

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TCM has often encountered running time difficulties, sometimes well beyond their control.


I remember a 6/29/2006 TCM showing of the Hal Roach 43 minute ?streamliner? Niagara Falls (1941). Niagara Falls was scheduled into a 60 minute time slot just before another 60 minute time slot where The Devil With Hitler (1942), a Hal Roach 44 minute ?streamliner,? was also scheduled.


When the schedule was finalized TCM was unaware that the version of Niagara Falls provided by the distributor was a re-edited version that incorporated footage from the Hal Roach 45 minute ?streamliner? Miss Polly (1941) to create a "feature-length" movie. Both streamliners starred Zasu Pitts and Slim Summerville.


When TCM ran this ?feature-length? version of Niagara Falls, The Devil With Hitler was bumped off that evening?s schedule. The Devil With Hitler was shown in another 60 minute time slot on 10/2/2006, just before another 60 minute time slot where That Nazty Nuisance (1943), a Hal Roach 43 minute ?streamliner,? was shown. (There was a recent TCM showing of That Nazty Nuisance on 5/30/2010.)


There is also a version of The Devil With Hitler that incorporated footage from That Nazty Nuisance. Both streamlines starred Bobby Watson as Adolph Hitler. This 86 minute ?feature-length? version of The Devil With Hitler was shown by The Nostalgia Channel on 3/24/1988.

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