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Folks with DISH network are not going to be happy if they recorded Columbia


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all these Columbia B movie Premieres today! TCM shows every movie starting 15 minutes earlier than the DISH network guide does, so so far I have missed the first 15 minutes of 3 movies!!! GRRR!!! TCM times are right of course.

plus, DISH shows They Met on Broadway being on at 12:30 AM tonight, when it was on this afternoon!

Farewell to Arms is on at 12:30 EST instead.

Beware DISH DVR folks if you are recording anything between now and 8 PM!!!!

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This day-long schedule change is affecting everyone with a DVR or who set a VCR for a specific time. I lost the openings of FLIGHT LIEUTENANT and MEET ME ON BROADWAY because my Verizon Fios DVR didn't pick up the changes. The changes are in the DVR schedule now, but I didn't get an alert I needed to re-set these films to record and they went off at the times originally scheduled.


Fortunately I've got all of STRANGE AFFAIR, the one I *really* wanted today, although it's split over 2 DVR time slots which is going to cause a jump when I transfer it to videotape.


I was able to reset JOHNNY O'CLOCK for the right time slot later today, at least!


I have no problem with schedule changes but I do wish they'd alert us to a time change. I was aware two of today's movies had changed but erroneously assumed that the time slots would remain the same.

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Even TCM was wrong today. When RENEGADES ended at 612PM, the usual list of the next three broadcasts came on after the movie. It had JOHNNY O'CLOCK listed as starting at 630PM. "Good, time enough for me to take the garbage out" I thought.


When I came back inside, the credits for the next film were just ending. All the times on the IMDb were off also, here's an example (although it won't be apparent for long):



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*I propose rebroadcasting these films on June 11th...* - PS


Since you said the programmer(s) should be fired for the June 11th schedule, why do you think they'd consider any of your proposals?

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> {quote:title=MovieFanLaura wrote:}{quote}

> NINE GIRLS wasn't on today, it was replaced by Marjorie Reynolds in MEET ME ON BROADWAY. I suspect they couldn't get a print.


All day yesterday one of the "Top Searches" indicated at the top of the Home Page has been the 1944 Columbia feature NINE GIRLS that was listed then pulled from the schedule for May 24.


So, TCM Programmers, you can see how much this movie means to so many of us! Please keep trying to get it shown on TCM.


It is too bad that it was not able to be shown as originally scheduled on May 24, as that would have been a timely tribute to one of the nine girls in the movie, Shirley Mills, who passed away just a few weeks ago.

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Oh man, I thought I was the only one! I also tried taping Face Behind the Mask, but found out I pretty much missed the beginning.







Kind of ironic actually, because the recording started just after the big fire scene, so I completely missed all of Peter Lorre's scenes WITHOUT the mask, lol. Very frustrating; but then again, as my father pointed out, "You already knew what he really looked like!" ;)


Thankfully there was still enough of the film to enjoy. It's quite intriguing how much the story kind of parallels Lorre's own career in Hollywood. The character in the movie is a naive, optimistic immigrant hoping to be successful in America, but soon finds himself completely cut off from society because of how he looks. In real life, Lorre came to America also eager and hoping to make his own way in Hollywood, only to find his opportunities severely limited pretty much due on his looks and accent (being typecasted as a sort of weirdo, foreign bad guys all the time).


Edited by: Herald7 on May 29, 2010 11:16 PM

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