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Ranches and Cattle Drives


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I am interested in compiling a list of any and all movies that focus on ranches and cattle drives during the era of range cattle drives in the US, and thought this would be the group to ask. Texas, the Southwest and up the center of the US, California and the West Coast, Florida (and anywhere else).


Would much appreciate any and all ideas.



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You are going to have a pretty long list when all is said and done. Obvious films include -


"Red River"

"The Far Country"

"The Cowboys"

"Monte Walsh" but that is more about the cowboy's life.

A good made for cable movie is "Conagher" but that is also about a cowboy's life.


The ultimate cattle drive may be "Lonesome Dove" but that is only TV.

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Movieman's list is good, and, of course, *Red River* is the No. 1 in the category. But may I suggest the Billy Crystal vehicle, *City Slickers*, as a funny, sweet modern-day Western ... And both *Cowboy* and Duke's *The Cowboys* are good, too.

I suppose the versions of *The Virginian* (Gary Cooper and Joel McCrea) could be considered. I also like McCrea's *Ramrod*.

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Thanks to everyone. And just to clarify, Yes, I'm also interested in TV movies like the great Lonesome Dove.


Anyone else have suggestions for movies, documentaries, whatever about the period of free range cattle ranches and drives?

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You said you are also interested in TV shows about cattle drives, so by all means don't forget "Rawhide" - the tv show that gave Clint Eastwood his start back in the late 50's and early 60's. The first 2 or 3 seasons are out on DVD now.


You may also enjoy the mini-series "Centennial", about the establishment and growth of a small Colorado town. One of the middle episodes is entirely devoted to the first cattle drive on that particular trail, and the episode after that one is concerned with the brutal winter of 1886-87, which basically brought an end to the open range era of cattle ranching. The mini-series is on DVD now.


Also, check out the 1947 movie with Robert Mitchum called *Blood on the Moon*.

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just remembered another cattle drive flick, The Last Sunset" (1964) with a stellar cast that couldn't miss, or could it?


Directed by Robert Aldrich who gave us westerns such as APACHE, VERA CRUZ AND ULZANA'S RAID took Kirk Douglas, Rock Hudson, Dorothy Malone and Carol Lynley and IMHO churned out one of the most boring westerns i have ever sat through.


Here he had the classic cattle drive with rock playing a US Marshall who agrees to take Dorothy's herd to market while keeping his eye on the gunfighter he has followed to the ranch to capture, still with me. Kirk has come to rekindle and old flame with Dorothy, but finds himself drawn to her daughter (carol) whom unbeknownst to him is in fact his illegitimate daughter !!!!!! Now rock also finds himself warm for Dorothy !!!


Now a crucial point about Kirks hard bitten gunfighter image he carries a 2 shot derringer rather then a conventional firearm... ca mon a derringer for a fast gun????


Any one else remember this picture and have a comment.

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