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"To Hell and Back"


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This movie changed my outlook on Audie Murphy. In the past I didn't like him as an actor, but after seeing this movie it showed a part of him that I never saw before. There were several scenes in the film where he was to be a higher ranked officer or go to West Point and his reply was, "What about the other soldiers?" He wasn't self centered, but thought more of his comrades getting a higher ranking than he did. His mother's death was a difficult time to go through and I feel that what he did in the war he did it for his mother. During battles he took some high risks, such as running ahead to get a fallen comrade while in danger of being killed by the Germans. In another scene he was offered a higher ranked position in another company, but he turned it down because of wanting to still be a part of the company of soldiers that he was with. His mother must have taught him that it was wrong to drink and to smoke because in some scenes when a soldier was smoking he would take the cigarette out of his mouth and throw it away and if a soldier was drinking he took the bottle away and smashed it. He was short of stature and was made fun of but he didn't let it get to him. The more good that he did on the battlefields the more his comrades were in support of him. It's no wonder that he received as many medals as he did.

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