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I thought about this some time in the past few weeks and was reminded of it by a remark of cinecrazydc?s.


A new thread for anyone interested in playing and for any thoughts on the matter:


This is?.Jeopardy TCM.


All of the first posts or clues are phrased as answers, and all responses are phrased as a question. The content or subject matter is anything related to movies: who?s in it, movie titles, or details or trivia about the movies or even Hollywood. Like other threads, you wait for confirmation until you move on with your own.


For example:


When ?Mammy? said she ?never?d seen hair that color in all my life? in ?Gone with the Wind,? she was referring to this character, who was played by this actress.


Edited by: allaboutlana on Jun 1, 2010 1:42 PM

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Congratulations, polecat, on your Tournament of Champions win !

I feel completely outclassed !


Just an additional thought since allaboutlana invoked my post: it might be useful to have categories (like they do in the TV Jeopardy game) as part of the clue (noir, war film, romantic comedy, etc) so as to help the respondent narrow down the almost infinite number of answers. Other schemes as possible too, of course. Just a thought.


Another possiblity for a game is having movie titles with players filling in the spaces a la "Wheel of Fortune"


Example below


_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


_ O _ E _ _ _ _ _ _ E _ _ _ _


_ O _ E _ I _ _ _ _ E _ I _ _


_ O N E _ I _ _ _ _ E _ I N _


_ O N E _ I T_ T _ E _ I N _


_ ONE _ I T H T H E _ IN _



You can probably guess by now that the title is "Gone With the Wind" Or, given your smarts, you probably could have guess at lot earlier !!


Cinecrazy DC

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Boland played the Countess De Lave, but I haven't seen the film in quite a while and my recollection is very foggy regarding the credits. I seem to recall that dogs were prevalent in the film and for some reason I was thinking that each of the women was portrayed at the end by a different breed of dog. Am I anywhere near close ?


Cinecrazy DC

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Yes, It's Danny Williams. Mickey Rooney in "Babes On Broadway", Craig Stevens in "Since You Went Away", Danny Thomas in his TV series "Make Room For Daddy", and James MacArthur in "Hawaii Five-O" all played characters with that name. "Book 'em, Skipper", it's your turn!

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Ah, James MacArthur, one of the early Disney regulars. I remember watching "Third Man On The Mountain" and "The Light In The Forest" when I was a kid and ended up looking for and reading the respective books by James Ramsey Ullman and Conrad Richter ....Good role model in his early Disney films....Anyway, just a comment.


Edited by: mudskipper on Jun 9, 2010 10:18 AM

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