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Carl Stearns Clancy


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In 1912-1913, Carl Stearns Clancy rode around the world on a 1912 Henderson Motorcycle and his adventures were published in a weekly publication entitled The Bicycling World and Motorcycle Review and recently republished in a book by Dr. Gregory W. Frazier, entitled Motorcycle Adventurer Carl Stearns Clancy: First Motorcyclist to Ride around the World, 1912-1913.


Carl Stearns Clancy then wrote and produced a film entitled The Headless Horseman in 1922. He wrote and produced other films, and between 1927 and 1928, Carl Stearns Clancy produced and directed 12 silent films for Will Rogers, including With Will Rogers in Dublin, Prowling Around France with Will Rogers and Over the Bounding Blue with Will Rogers . In 1956 his book The Saga of Leif Ericsson, Discoverer of America, was published.


Anyone know what Carl Stearns Clancy was doing between 1956 and his death in 1971 in Alexandria, Virginia? Anyone know if any of the Will Rogers films are available on DVD?


Thanks, Jean

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Talk was that Clancy lived the rest of his life in or around Alexandria, Virginia. After his Hollywood movie career faded away, due in large part to talking-pictures, he managed to get work with the U.S. Forest Service in Washington D.C. during the 1940s. It was while working in the nation's capital, Clancy managed to help create at least two documentaries for the government. One was for The U.S. Park Service and the other was for The Department of Agriculture. He worked for the government, while also trying to get a writing career going, until his retirement in the late 1950s. He is today considered something of an obscure figure, only having any importance to motion pictures due to his long association with Will Rogers.

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> JeannieMay wrote:

> Anyone know if any of the Will Rogers films are available on DVD?


As far as I can tell, none of Clancy's films from the silent era are available on video . . . Not from any reputable source. There are probably collectors or some rinky-dink, unknown company out there that might have a few, but this would entail a long and tedious search and then there are other technical factors to consider; such as the quality.

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