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Friday Night's Tribute To Rosalind Russell film-set, per TCM Web Programmer


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I am looking forward to Friday night's (June 4th) Rosalind Russell Birthday Tribute.


According to the website's schedule, it starts with 1929's MYSTERIOUS ISLAND with Lionel Barrymore and Roz plays, well - I couldn't tell. This must be one of her truly uncredited roles.


And Roz must be the octopus puppeteer in 1954's 20,000 LEAGUES with Kirk Douglas, Peter Lorre, James Mason and - uh - Roz? Boy, I can't wait to maybe glimpse her in that important role. "Hit him again, Roz! Slap that ol' tenacle against him again!"


Then, she's being hailed again in 1969's CAPT NEMO & THE UNDERWATER CITY with Robert Ryan, Chuck Connors and Roz. Which one is she this time? Roz is probably one of those undersea workers, I guess. Boy, all those years of teaching scuba to Lloyd Bridges is finally paying off with her own on-screen dive time.


Then, in 1965's Mexican entry, ROBOT VS AZTEC MUMMY, did Roz change her name to Rosita? Is that her?


I guess the final entry for her birthday gala is her 1961 extravaganza, DR. BLOOD'S COFFIN with Kieron Moore, Hazel Court and Roz as ?? I'm not sure I remember her in this one, either, but I'll be really excited to see her in all of these films on Friday night.


I really want to commend the TCM Website Programmers for their titling capabilities: "What's On Tonight TCM BIRTHDAY TRIBUTE Rosalind Russell" and this great set of her films.


Maybe one of these days, the website's programmers can figure out how to use the Day Time titling data-field for this text instead. Until then, I can't wait to see Roz in these great evening films.

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