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Private Screening Interview


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That's an interesting choice. I like Kline very much, and I'm one of those who doesn't mind more modern films on TCM. However, he's only been a star since about the mid 1980's which doesn't really qualify as a "classic" star.


If we're going to pick someone more modern, how about Meryl Streep, Dustin Hoffman, even Clint Eastwood who seems to be on TCM quite a bit in one way or another.


My choice is Dean Stockwell--until we get one with him I don't want to see anyone with a more recent career.

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I agree with you as Kline has only been a "star" since the '80s but as he's now in his early 60's I would like to see him interviewed fairly soon. I'm not sure how long it takes to arrange such things. I also agree about Meryl Streep, Dustin Hoffman & yes, Dean Stockwell too. They should all be interesting choices.

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And what about Maureen O'Hara? They use her in filler bits, so they've obviously had her in to tape them. Why not a full interview? And when was the last Private Screenings? Seems like a good year ago.......Was it Ernest Borgnine? They are getting few and far between.......

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*And what about Maureen O'Hara?*





As noted here in the past, Maureen O'Hara has turned down TCM's request for a *Private Screening* more than once.


*They use her in filler bits, so they've obviously had her in to tape them. Why not a full interview?*


Many of the filler bits we see in the interstitials come from the Turner Archive Project. The TAP was started by Roger Mayer and George Feltenstein about 25 years ago and is still going today. The point of TAP is to do video oral histories of people both in front of the camera, behind the camera, in the front office, etc who worked in the film industry during the classic studio era.


TAP is still at it all these years later, each year choosing a group of retired studio vets to interview. TCM has access to that footage (as do other studios for use in documentaries and bonus features).


I suspect we will see a great deal of those interviews in the upcoming *Moguls and Movies* documentary series this November when it premieres.

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