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I love the photo of your folks! They should have been "in" the movies! What a handsome couple they make. And, with the timeframe you've been able to pinpoint from the marquee, the world was on the brink of war and their new marriage would soon be interrupted. It would have been great if your Dad had seen Marlene perform for the boys over there. She was so patriotic and proud of America. I am glad your parents passed their love of the movies on to little SueSue. They raised you right!



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{font:Times New Roman}SueSue:{font}



{font:Times New Roman}I concur with Darryl. The photo of your folks strolling by the bijoux in Houston renders your cinematic pedigree both indisputable and undeniable. I can’t figure out who you favor more -- C.C. or Dorothy. You’d win either way! The picture is certainly classic and could easily fit alongside that iconic scene in Times Square on V-J Day with the sailor kissing his girl. Thanks for sharing !{font}



{font:Times New Roman}CinecrazyDC {font}



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The special guests link under the programs drop-down menu has been tweaked.


Here's an update on all special guests in case you might not have seen the entire list yet:



If you click on the little blue name of the special guest you want to "know more about,"

it gives you a short bio and a photo!


Just like this:


h4. Shannon Clute

Shannon Clute is the co-author of The Maltese Touch of Evil: Film Noir and Potential Criticism (Dartmouth College Press, 2011) and the co-creator of three popular podcast series: Out of the Past: Investigating Film Noir, a film history and analysis program; Behind the Black Mask: Mystery Writers Revealed, an author interview show; and Yaddocast, the official podcast of the prestigious artists' retreat Yaddo--all with Richard Edwards. Out of the Past was recently selected by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation for national radio transmission as part of their Top of The Pods series, and Yaddocast received mention in O, The Oprah Magazine.


A former professor, Clute has been invited to speak on film noir at such institutions as the George Eastman House and WXXI public radio. He is also a scholar and writer of hard-boiled fiction, and his first novel was one of ten semi-finalists in the inaugural Court TV "Search for the Next Great Crime Writer" contest. He works as a brand manager for Turner Classic Movies in Atlanta.









Debbie Reynolds


Entertainer Debbie Reynolds has been a popular presence in films, on television and on stage for more than six decades. She was born Mary Frances Reynolds in El Paso, Texas, on April 1, 1932, and grew up in Burbank, California, where she performed with the town symphony and was active in school plays. When she was 16, Reynolds was crowned Miss Burbank and subsequently garnered the attention of MGM and Warner Bros. In 1950, she made an instant impression in small roles in her first two films for MGM, Three Little Words (1950) and Two Weeks with Love (1950). The latter included a high-speed rendition of the novelty song "Aba Daba Honeymoon," which hit No. 3 on the Billboard charts. The studio and directors Gene Kelly and Stanley Donen responded by giving her star billing opposite Kelly and Donald O'Connor in the musical SINGIN IN THE RAIN (1952).


During her tenure at MGM, Reynolds performed primarily in musicals, including Give a Girl a Break (1953), Athena (1954) and Hit the Deck (1955). She also scored in romantic comedies like Susan Slept Here (1954) at RKO and The Tender Trap (1955). She also turned in a fine dramatic performance in A Catered Affair (1956). After the end of her contract, Reynolds turned to freelancing, enjoying a big hit with Tammy and the Bachelor (1957), which also gave her a second smash hit single. Numerous successes followed, including The Mating Game (1959), This Happy Feeling (1958), HOW THE WEST WAS WON (1962), The Unsinkable Molly Brown (1964), which earned her a Best Actress Oscar nomination, Divorce American Style (1967), and How Sweet It Is! (1968).


Turning her attention to the stage, Reynolds enjoyed a triumph on Broadway with a revival of the musical chestnut Irene in 1973 and played the London Palladium in a 1975 revue. Live performing kept her busy for the next 20 years, though she occasionally surfaced as a guest star on such television series as Alice and Will & Grace.


Reynolds returned to the big screen in the 1990s, with performances in Oliver Stone's Heaven and Earth (1993), Albert Brooks' Mother (1996) and Frank Oz's In & Out (1997). She has also provided voice work for such television productions as The Rug Rats and Kimpossible.






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Sweet Jack Favell posted a lovely link in response to BingFan's thread in General Discussions, and I just HAD to share.

Follow this link to the new featurette:

Doris does an audio update!
(If you love Doris Day, trust me, you will love this link!)

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Kyle just posted this info earlier:









*Some of my faves from the first grid perusal that have not been previously announced:*

































































































Ileana Douglas with *COUNSELOR-AT-LAW!*


Carla Laemmle with *DRACULA!*


































































































{font:Calibri}*SECONDS* with Richard Anderson!{font}

































































































































































































{font:Calibri}*AUNTIE MAME* with Todd Oldham!{font}

































































































































































































{font:Calibri}TCM’s 18th Birthday Party!{font}



















































William Wellman Jr. and A.C. Lyles and *WINGS!*


{font:Calibri}Bookends for *SINGIN’ IN THE RAIN*: Debbie Reynolds with the intro, Patricia Ward Kelly with the follow-up!{font}

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Sweet Jack Favell posted a lovely link in response to BingFan's thread in General Discussions, and I just HAD to share.


I saw JackaaaAaay's link and watched. (Hi Jackie!) Thank you Jaxxon!!!


...But for some reason, all I've been doing lately is thinking about Capucine. Maybe because TCM FEST 2012 is supposed to be STYLISH for several reasons.


Thanxx so much SueSue for your post below on CAPUCINE. You've struck a big chord with me mentioning one of my favorite faves. I'm crazy about her. She was quite stylish...and so ultra-Sophisticated. She has one of the most arresting looks I've ever seen in movies; not quite that apple-pie-pretty, California-Barbie-look of Bardot, or the sweetly sexy look of Romy Schneider...nor the porcelain icy beauty of Deneuve. I think Capucine had more the "I-Am-A-Woman, Can-You-Handle-THAT!" look that challenged men. (Moreau has that look as well).


I'm a big fan even though I've only seen "The Pink Panther" "North to Alaska" and my favorite: "Walk On The Wild Side." I can't wait to hear RJ do his intro for the panther movie. And I expect to have a drink with you soon.


I'm so happy you created such a lovely spotlight for her. I wish the dear woman had been happier.

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{font:Calibri}Annie Laurie Starr,{font}































































{font:Calibri}How could you ever become mixed up with a no good loser like Barton Tare?{font}





























































{font:Calibri}Then it started something that nobody could stop!{font}




















{font:Calibri}A road trip…{font}





























































{font:Calibri}A woman he would do anything for…and I mean anything!{font}





























































{font:Calibri}That first touch, that moment of love’s first blush…{font}





























































{font:Calibri}The steamroller of passion …{font}





























































{font:Calibri}If you loved this delightfully wacky noir and want to indulge the hidden pulp novel voyeur lurking around in your cinematic soul, check out Peggy Cummins and Eddie Muller when they introduce Gun Crazy at 6:45 on Saturday at the Egyptian.{font}





























































{font:Calibri}Miss Cummins is flying in from London for our festival, and I hope she knows how much we appreciate it!{font}
















{font:Calibri}Read more about her at the Special Guests Link on the TCM Festival Link:{font}

























Thanks, Cinemaven, for your kind comments!

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Hey fashionable Festival-goers,


Be sure to bring an umbrella with you this year. Right now showers are predicted for next Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.


It really does rain (and drizzle) in the City of Angels, especially this time of the year!

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Great blog!

Amazing stuff!


Please check out


Check out the Spitbath at the 2012 TCM Fil Fest..

5 days of fun, films and spit!






Cheers Miss E


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If you are "in" to architecture, be sure to see Eric Lloyd Wright and Matt Tyrnauer introduce *The Fountainhead* at 3:15 in the Chinese Multiplex 4 on Friday, April 13.

h4. Eric Lloyd Wright

Eric Lloyd Wright, was born on November 8, 1929, in Los Angeles, California. Eric then worked as an apprentice with his grandfather, Frank Lloyd Wright, at the Taliesin Fellowship from 1948 until 1956. Eric left the Fellowship to join his father, Lloyd Wright, at his architectural practice in Los Angeles. After Lloyd Wright's death in 1979, Eric formed his own architectural practice. He now lives and practices architecture in Malibu, California, with current projects ranging from small scale infill and custom residential in the Malibu, Santa Monica and Hollywood areas to affordable housing, mixed use and resort design in the greater Los Angeles area and abroad.


Through his years of experience with Frank Lloyd Wright and Lloyd Wright, Eric developed the design understanding that it is the space within a building, not its physical walls and roof that forms the building's character -- its soul -- and determines its function. Careful thought is given to the physical, social and spiritual environment in which the project is to be built, with a concern for appropriate materials, quality, craft, and detail. Towards this end, Eric believes that one of the most important factors is the relationship between the client, the site and Architect. It is the client and site, together with the Architect, that shape the design of a project.

























































































































































































































































































































































h4. Matt Tyrnauer

Matt Tyrnauer was born in Los Angeles and studied film at Wesleyan University in Middletown, Connecticut. His documentary feature film, Valentino: The Last Emperor (2008) has been called "Flawless" by Richard Corliss in Time, and a "must-see" by The New York Times. Valentino premiered at the 2008 Venice Film Festival, and won the top documentary prize at the Chicago Film Festival. It was one of the highest grossing documentaries at the box office in 2009 and was short-listed for an Academy Award for best documentary feature. It is currently available on DVD (www.valentinomovie.com) in the U.S and is being released in theaters and on TV around the world.


Tyrnauer's writing career began at Spy magazine. Graydon Carter, the co-founder of Spy, then hired Tyrnauer to write for him when Carter was editor of the New York Observer. Tyrnauer has written many feature articles as Editor-at-Large and Special Correspondent at Vanity Fair. His Vanity Fair articles include pieces on Martha Stewart (the August 2005 post-prison cover story, and a 2001 profile), Valentino Garavani, Marlene Dietrich, Siegfried and Roy, Philippe Starck, Frank Gehry, green design pioneer William McDonough, writer Bret Easton Ellis, producer Robert Evans, and the architect John Woolf.


Tyrnauer attended Crossroads School in Los Angeles, where the academic program was among the first in the nation to include serious film studies at the secondary school level. At Wesleyan University he apprenticed under the film professor, Joseph W. Reed, a pioneer in American film scholarship. Tyrnauer aided Reed in his research on American masters John Ford, Howard Hawks, Michael Curtiz and Robert Aldrich. Tyrnauer's honors thesis was an in depth analysis of the films of Robert Aldrich.



































































































































































































































































































































































































*If you enjoy Turner Classic Movies, don't forget the Panel Discussion in CLUB TCM at 1:00 on Thursday to meet TCM Staffers who have played a large part in organizing the festival, programming the films we watch, running the network, and planning for all the fun we are going to have! It is the first official Festival event!*




































































































































































































































































































































































































And don't forget about the first official event after MEET THE TCM STAFF MEMBERS in CLUB TCM. AT 3:00 p.m. Shannon Klute and Richard Edwards will discuss their new book *The Maltese Touch of Evil: Film Noir and Potential Criticism.* I hope we can purchase copies and have them autographed.


































































































h4. Richard L. Edwards

Richard L. Edwards holds a PhD in Critical Studies from USC's School of Cinematic Arts. He has taught courses on classic Hollywood films and film noir at Loyola Marymount University, Saint Mary's College of California, and Indiana University.


He is the author of several articles and book chapters on film and media. With Shannon Clute, he is the co-author of The Maltese Touch of Evil: Film Noir and Potential Criticism (Dartmouth College Press, 2011) and the co-host of three podcast series, including Out of the Past: Investigating Film Noir. Edwards has also given over 25 invited talks on topics related to film noir and new media. Currently, he is leading the Integrated Learning Institute at Ball State University.










And don't forget about the first official party in CLUB TCM.

From 5-7 p.m., we will all be meeting and greeting at the Festival Welcome Party.

Hope to see you there!

Read more about special festival guests at the following link:






































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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Just arrived this afternoon, and The Hollywood Roosevelt is all abuzz....passholders are arriving from all over the country, Canada, and Great Britain. Met a cute Australian in the elevator, but he's not here for the festival...




The weather is delightful, and it's brisk and cool here at night. The lovely Givenchy dress that Audrey Hepburn wore in Sabrina is safely encased in a lovely display in Club TCM, which is definitely decorated and arranged differently from last year.




TCM sent an email to passholders about some special events in the lobby. so check it out if you haven't seen it already.




FYI, I just saw Elvis at CVS. He was buying some bottled water.


More later...

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After Elvis went back to his post in front of Grauman's Chinese close to the footprint court, I stopped by the pool party, a cocktail reception for the documentary for Waiting For Lightening , a film 7 years in the making, and met Oscar-nominated sound mixer Deb Adair, and her husband Al, an LAPD officer who has collaborated with Joseph Wambaugh, and learned all about the making of the film. More about all their interesting history later.




I think Rob Dyrdek was there from Ridiculousness.




Waiting For Lightening is about a skateboarding enthusiast who actually jumps the Great Wall of China, and premiered at the Cinerama Dome. Sounds so fascinating!




Passholders: Today at 1:00 Robert Osborne will be filming interview in the lobby. Here is the schedule of events from the email:




*Shoot schedule (subject to change):*


*Wednesday, April 11, 1:00pm-3:00pm*

Robert Osborne and guests in the lobby of the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel

(2:15pm-2:45pm with Tippi Hedren)


*Thursday April 12, 1:00pm-3pm*

Robert Osborne and guests in the lobby of the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel

Ben Mankiewicz and guests poolside at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel


*Friday, April 13, 12:30pm-2:00pm*

Ben Mankiewicz and guests in the lobby of the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel


*Saturday, April 14, 1:00pm-4:00pm*

Robert Osborne/Ben Mankiewicz and guests in the lobby of the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel

(3:00pm-3:30pm with Debbie Reynolds)




Don't forget to have fun!

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Inside scoop from that ace reporter, SueSue Applegate- our intrepid gal about town reports from the Hotel Roosevelt that Tina Sinatra will be joining Ben M poolside tomorrow evening to introduce *High Society*.


See you by the pool!


We also hear that our Suex2 was able to meet that TCM Message board heart-throb Ben M!


The Hotel Roosevelt where you go to see and be seen!



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Hey tag-teamers, just thought I'd let you know that Barbara Stanwyck was *not* seen at the Double Indemnity house this a.m. And, she was definitely *not* wearing an ankle bracelet OR Fred MacMurray, for that matter.


Your devoted servant,

David in Seattle

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Good morning to all!


A hearty band of TCM City dwellers met up in the lobby of the famed Roosevelt Hotel yesterday afternoon. KyleinHollywood, Countessdelave (and her friend Cheryl), our intrepid reporter Suex2, Hadda, Emberly and a hand full of others.


Robert O and his crew (Sean, MA, Tom, etc) were shooting in the lobby and as we were talking with MorlockJeff, Tom gave us a shout out and asked everyone in the lobby to move in closer for the taping.


Robert O interviewed RJ Wagner, Genevieve MacGillicuddy (the Festival Director) and a writer for Vanity Fair who is covering the Architecture in Film theme.


We had a swell time talking with people we hadn't seen since last year's Film Festival and getting all caught up.


Out on the Boulevard, Disney was setting up for *The Avengers* premiere so they had giant tenting up for the Red Carpet arrivals. Luckily, the rain stayed away so that Scarlett Johannsen and other cast members were able to arrive at the El Capitan in style.


Last night when we returned from dinner at Mel's Drive-In, we sat in the lobby for a few minutes just hanging out. Guess who was sitting nearby and hanging out? If you guessed Peggy Cummings ( *Gun Crazy* ) and Eunice Gayson ( *Dr No* ), you'd be a winner!


Tonight the Red Carpet will again be out, this time in front of Grauman's for the big opening Gala that kick's off the TCM Festival.


We know a few of your swanky friends have been planning for this evening for quite some time and you will probably see them all decked out to the nines!


But before we get to the Red Carpet, this afternoon there are two panels, *Meet the Staff* and *The Maltese Touch of Evil* with TCM's own Shannon Clute and his co-author Richard Edwards.


The TCM Meet and Greet party begins at 5:00!


See ya at the Roosevelt where you can see and be seen!

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Thanks, Bronxie! We wish you were here with us! There are passholders here from 49 states and 7 countries.




(Nova Scotia and Scotland for sure!) Independent filmnaker John Melville is here from Scotland.


































































































































































































































































































Wonderful post, Lynn, as always!

































































































































































































































































































It has been so much fun to meet and greet with wonderful TCM pals!

































































































I have met the following folks in the last day or so from the Messageboards: kingrat, Kyle, Cinemaven, cinecrazydc, David from Seattle, countessdelave (who looked divine on the red carpet runway, I might add), Hadda from Canada, Emberly, and many of the wonderful facebook crew!


































































































































































































I ran into A.C. Lyles at Graumann's and had a nice chat with him, and he proceeded to explain how Wings changed his life. He will be introducing that film at 9:00 in the morning at the Chinese Multiplex.

































































































I also was able to tell Darcy Hettrich, Vice President of Talent at TCM, how much we all appreciated her diligence in helping to arrange for the thoroughly enjoyable Doris Day voiceover for the video retrospective for Doris Day's Star of the Month. And thank you, Doris Day! That week of her films, and the insightful comments from Robert Osborne were lovely.

































































































Had a wonderful photo op with Ben Mankiewicz, and was able to meet the star of Gun Crazy, Peggy Cummins. She is such a lovely lady, and appreciates that fans still enjoy her movies.

































































































Bob Mackie and Deborah Nadoolman Landis introduced Cleopatra with Claudette Colbert and discussed those fab Travis Banton fashions. It seems Claudette would have nothing to do with the De Mille designers, and demanded that Banton be allowed to create all her costumes. And both presenters lamented the fact that there is no biography of Travis Banton.


































































































Other tidbits:

















































Saw wonderful Marge Champion looking lovely, and she said she remembered me from our visit last year. Thank you, Ms. Champion.


































































































Several passholders expressed their disapointment at the cancellation of Shirley Jones to introduce Elmer Gantry.

































































































Met a sweet lady from San Diego named Jessica who explained how she has a special nook in her home devoted to Audrey Hepburn and how she has designed and created several needlepoints devoted to the international fashion icon.

































































































The Shannon Klute and Richard Edwards presentation this afternoon was enlightening and entertaining, and I now have a signed copy of The Maltese Touch of Evil. They discussed the popularity of their podcasts and how popular they have become, and their favorite films noir.

































































































Fashions worn by Bette Davis, Marlene Dietrich, Lana Turner, Julie Andrews, Greta Garbo and Linda Darnell are displayed in glass cases in the lobby of Grauman's Chinese Theater.


































































































And back at Club TCM, the Givenchy dress sported by Audrey Hepburn in the party scene in Sabrina is still very popular with passholders.


























Stargazers at the Vanity Fair party were able to schmooze with Liza Minelli, Larry Hagman, Mickey Rooney, and many others!

























































































































More later!

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Last night: if you were at Young Frankenstein last night and didn't laugh, you just weren't awake! The print was lovely, and there is nothing else like seeing in on the big screen and laughing at the same time as hundreds of other people who enjoy the same kind of film. I was lucky enough to be seated with Mr. and Mrs. Cutter. Too much fun!

































































































Seeing Cry Danger earlier with two dear friends--Rhonda Fleming was introduced by Eddie Muller. She looked divine in a dark green sequined jacket with green pants. She had many comments about Dick Powell and how Cry Danger, filmed in LA in its prime, was always difficult for her to watch because of her father's death which occurred while she was filming, and her own serious bout with appendicitis.

































































































Auntie Mame was an exceptional moment for me. I have never seen this film onscreen and the colors were so vivid. It was a joy to view it with so many other fans.

































































































Deborah Nadoolman Landis had a lovely presentation in Club TCM followed by her book signing, and discussed a little of her upcoming project at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. She received her PhD in in the History of Design at the Royal College of Art in London. Lots of audience interest and many questions. A very gracious, stylish lady!

































































































More later!

































































































Don't forget to have fun!

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I appreciate all the folks still reading the original "Sue Sue" thread, and will be posting about the Turner Classic Film Festival 2013 again this year on "Sue Sue II."



Sue X 2


Don't miss David from Seattle reporting on his historic journey on Route 66 as he wings his way towards the TCMFF 2013!

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  • 4 weeks later...

I want to say thank you to all the passholders I met at the TCMFF 2013 who say the have been reading the original "Sue Sue" thread. I have had so much fun writing about the festival and the wonderful people I have met, and I have been lucky to have made so many friends there and share my experiences with you. Your comments have been much appreciated.

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