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> {quote:title=JackFavell wrote:}{quote}

> Ooooh. I love her hair! That would be brilliant. wash and go....


> I adore that movie the more I see it. I watched yesterday until Andrew and Alice got back from visiting Grandma. I want that red bathing suit she wears in the first full color scene. And the villa..... of course.
































































I saw BT again yesterday as wsll, and it DOES get better each timie.

Ah, the villa, the villa. I want it, I need it....


I think the next TCM festival should take place in Cannes.

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> I saw BT again yesterday as wsll, and it DOES get better each timie.

> Ah, the villa, the villa. I want it, I need it....


> I think the next TCM festival should take place in Cannes.


If it does, I will be there, even if I have to crawl on my hands and knees....


In fact, that might be a good idea..... I would lose weight on the way.

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> {quote:title=JackFavell wrote:}{quote}

> > I saw BT again yesterday as wsll, and it DOES get better each timie.

> > Ah, the villa, the villa. I want it, I need it....

> >

> > I think the next TCM festival should take place in Cannes.


> If it does, I will be there, even if I have to crawl on my hands and knees....


> In fact, that might be a good idea..... I would lose weight on the way.


Oh my goodness, I would be there, too, if I had to crawl, swim or flap

my arms and fly.

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Miss G and Bronxie,

France, films, and fromage really spells FUN!


> {quote:title=MaxvonMayerling wrote:}{quote}

> Lunches, hairstyles and movies... I'm sure you're in Heaven there, Sue!


I was, Max, I was!!! I tried my best to be ready for any close-ups! :)


> {quote:title=lzcutter wrote:}{quote}

> *I think you should be an official meet and greet person for next year.*


> "Excuse me, I would like to introduce myself. My name is SueSue and I'm the TCM Lady."


> She has the wardrobe, the jewelry and the personality to pull it off.


Thank you, lzcutter. It would be so much fun! Me as an official TCM Lady !!!! :)


> {quote:title=JackFavell wrote:}{quote}

> Awesome blog, Sue Sue!


> Your writing style is so warm, friendly and conversational, always upbeat. You are a great asset to TCM..... I think you should be an official meet and greet person for next year. :D



Thank you so much Jackie!! I'd love to be the offical TCM Lady.


For my first TCM special, I would want to have a pajama party theme with all the girls sitting around on a big studio couch wearing our favorite silky PJ's and kimonos, and eat popcorn, homemade brownies with Durham pecans from Stephenville, Texas, and sip the beverage of our choice.


The first PJ party should be on Friday nights, just like in high school. after the football game and after our dates. What's the purpose of having a PJ party without being able to talk about our latest dates?


For my first guests, I'd invited Jackie and Joanie Collins, Linda Evans, and some of my favorite fun party girl posters from TCM. We might even have bacon-wrapped breadsticks!


I envision Joanie talking about all the fun she had making *The Opposite Sex*, the first movie shown on Sue Sue's PJ Pajama Party. I'd ask her questions like...what about that slap from June Allyson? It looked pretty real. Then I'd enlist Jackie and Linda to help me get Joan to talk about Warren Beatty...(oh, well, that may not happen. Anyone read her bio?) ..but I'd still push for it.


Then we'd discuss fashion shoulder pads of the eighties a la *Dynasty*, and shoulder pads from the 50's, Dolores Grey's wacky outfits, the color blue in *The Opposite Sex* (the purse, the turleneck, the sheath). Then I'd ask Linda Evans and Joan Collins to talk about the differences in catfights (*Dynasty* vs *The Opposite Sex* vs *The Women*,'39) and how wearing shoulder pads contributes/derails the scene itself.


I would also try to find Sandy Descher who played Debbie Hilliard and see if she could be on the first PJ party.


Plus, much more. I don't want to reveal all my ideas yet. :)


By the way, you can vote for *The Opposite Sex* to be put on DVD here:


(It's at a shamful #99!)


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Here is the TCM Promo for the Restoration of *A Star is Born*. It's a most informative film highlighting the importance of film preservation and how *A Star is Born* has been transformed for its new DVD Release. (And yes, I ordered one. It's supposed to be on the way.) But there is another reason I enjoy this promo so much, besides its being timely, informative, and historical. I'm in it! Toward the very end of the promo, you can see a tall woman in a formal Chinese dress with a Mandarin collar carrying her turquoise coat as she walks into the actual theater at Grauman's. That's me!





Day One, Part 4


So I donned more lip gloss, squared my shoulders, marched in the the elevator, and descended into the arena! Everyone who had a pass couldn't wait for CLUB TCM to open. It was across the hall from the lobby and the Festival Store was located right in front of CLUB TCM. When it opened, there were actually 2-3 maitre'd's who would check passes and say nice things like "You look very lovely" etc.


That was a nice touch.


When you walked into CLUB TCM, there was a dance floor with tables and chairs, and all around the room were photos of Hollywood Stars and a screen with film clips running on the wall behind the stage. There were plenty of comfy couches and chairs and folks met their friends there for snacks and drinks before and after the film showings.


It was so much fun in there! You could see all kinds of people who had come from all over the world to be a part of the TCM Film Festival. There were even some kids who flew in from Poland to be a part of it! Everybody wanted to know where someone was from, what your favorite movies were, and what you were planning to attend on the schedule.


I visited with so many people, and I know I couldn't remember all their names. The enjoyment of the moment was what everyone was interested in. I must have met a hundred new people that night, but none of them were rude, officious, or just plain old "stuck-up." If they were there, I didn't see them or meet them.


For snacks they had little beef empanadas, mahi mahi munchies, tabouli salad, bruscietta, oriental egg rolls, and much more...


The waiters were very friendly, and the bartenders were busy, but kind and accomodating.


Passholders would visit about the movies they were going to see and movies they looked forward to.

Several members of TCM City were there and it was wonderful to meet the "faces" behind the names.


But then it was time to go to the Premiere of *A Star Is Born*, which is one of my favorite films because of the songs Judy Garland sings.




Since it was the first night premiere, all goodies at the concession stand were FREE!!!

I ordered my filmgoing usual, a large diet coke, a small popcorn, and chocolate-covered peanuts.


And as I walk in, I am seated off to the left of the screen, and strike up a conversation with Bruce from D.C., and we talk about the film, and how much fun we are already having at this festival. Discussing aspects of the restoration before the introduction was also helpful and a young couple joined in the conversation.


Robert Osborne introduced the film and practially got a standing ovation. Everyone was so thrilled to see him looking his usually dapper self.


But when the curtain went up, the star was really the beautiful restoration. The colors were so vibrant and the sound was so crisp.


Never in my memory can I remember the sound in a theater being so fresh. No scratchy recordings, no bleeps or blips, just clear tones of voices, songs, and all so accessible. This was the first classic film I had seen on a large screen in many years, and after I had been so nerve-wracked all day, it was a wonderful moment of peace to realize that I was going to see one of my favorite scenes and hear one of my favorite songs and see one of my favorite film stars in one of her most brilliant moments on screen. Ever.


From where I had been sitting, I could hear several Ooohs and Aaaahs when there were closeups. And I loved how people clapped for the film. It was a joy.


Next: Esther and Betty, the Aqualilies, and more...

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You, again, are making realize the mammoth undertaking TCM took on to put this festival together. They really put on the ritz in everything they did to make it a total movie-going experience!!! Thank you for your vivid descriptions, Suex2. Club TCM sounds fantastic!!!!

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After I saw Judy Garland sing "The Man That Got Away" in A Star is Born at Grauman's Chinese Theater, I quietly slipped away in the back of the auditorium so that I could attend the poolside screening of Neptune's Daughter at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, and I wasn't the only passholder who did that. I just didn't want to miss this event as well as the premiere.


The evening was cool, and even though I was wearing my coat, I was chilly. As I was making my way through the large crowd, I found my vintage-clad friends, Countess De Lave and her sister, Miss Lilacs. We all sat at a table and ordered something tasty and warm. I had coffee with B&B. All around the pool area by the bar, several toasty fires were blaring in metal "kivas" to keep everyone warm.


The lights made by the fires and the illumination on the palm trees reflected in the pool water made lovely shadows that sort of twinkled everywhere, depending upon where someone was seated. Up above the pool area, the large column of rooms of Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel was visible, bathed in a sort of amber light.


The screen was at one end of the pool, by the shallow end, and the synchronized swimmers, the Aqualillies, had just begun to arrive.



Genevieve McGillicuddy, the director of the festival, steps on the stage and welcomes everyone, followed by applause, and then she introduces Ben Mankiewicz, and he then greets Betty Garrett and Esther Williams on stage followed by more applause.


And when Ben sees that Esther Williams is in a wheelchair, he quietly moves an extra chair out of the way. A very considerate act of kindness to accommodate the ladies. Esther and Betty are smiling and acting very happy to be at the Festival. Esther claims that "Everything sounds better under water," and Betty, who seems to be having a cold, has a little hoarseness in her speech, and states that she can't hear everything, but if if someone says something bad, she'll find out about it and "whack you later." Cute. Spunky. I like it.


Even though Esther Williams was in a wheelchair, she seemed in good health and quite perky. She was wearing a red sequined full-length sheath and sparkled when she spoke. Still a feisty gal, Esther still has her bathing suit business because the Aqualillies were sporting her little red swimsuits and she made note of it. The lovely synchornized swimmers had a great show, doing some of the same Esther Aquatics we've known and loved, and they received a large round of applause.


Betty Garrett was so cute, too, and seemed quite energetic. Esther left shortly after the film began, and so did Betty.


But after the movie started, and the double duets of "Baby, It's Cold Outside" with Esther and Ricardo Montalban, and Betty and Red Skelton came on, Betty stepped back out on her patio from her private cabana and was watching this sequence wistfully. As many of the viewers around the area saw her standing there, they turned and gave her a round of applause, and as she teared up, she smiled sweetly and disappeared again into her suite.


Lots of folks were wearing their coats because, baby, it really was cold outside! But the Hollywood Roosevelt had several huge fireplaces warming everyone up. I was still in my full-length Chinese dress with the mandarin collar and stretched out on one of the deck chairs and finished sipping my coffee and brandy while I enjoyed Ricardo, Betty, Esther, and Red up on the silver screen at the end of the pool. I was able to be with my new friends, Kyle, Countess De Lave, Miss Lilacs and one of my dearest acquaintances, Lynn, for this wonderful close to a great first day at the festival.


But I still had one more event to attend. The Vanity Fair Party!

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< Sigh! > Esther Williams. She, like Doris Day, makes me smile. I always thought she was so pretty, very athletic and a really likeable actress: "Andy Hardy's Double Life" "Bathing Beauty" "Easy to Wed." And you got to see her in person.


< Sigh! > Nice.

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I love how the common denominator of film brings people together from all over the world. Would love to have spoken to the Polish kids!


"My name is....Mrs. Richard Todd!"


You said it, SueSue, re: TCM in Cannes -- France, films, fromage = FUN.

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I did actually visit with the Polish kids. They were having a blast, too! I ran into them in the elevator.


TCM Festival Film alert!!!!


*Neptune's Daughter*, starring Esther, Betty, Ricardo, and Red, was screened at the festival poolside. It's on tonight at 7 central.

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*It will be in Hollywood again, no?*


Yes, it will be in Hollywood again, according to Robert O on the final night of this year's festival.


The dates have not been announced yet.

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> {quote:title=SueSueApplegate wrote:}{quote}

> I did actually visit with the Polish kids. They were having a blast, too! I ran into them in the elevator.



























































Oh, dear, it looks like no future TCM fests in the South of France....


Edited by: Bronxgirl48 on Jul 2, 2010 2:47 AM

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Why not contact TCM France?


Click on the link at the bottom of this page.


They even have TCM On Demand.




Allen et Scorsese : Paris Stories Woody Allen vient d?investir la "ville lumi?re" pour "Midnight in Paris". Martin Scorsese devrait le rejoindre, le tournage de "Hugo Cabret" venant de d?buter. Apr?s "New York Stories", "Paris Stories" ?


La nature sauvage de Terrence Malick Lent et perfectionniste comme Stanley Kubrick, Terrence Malick ne souffre pourtant aucune comparaison. Ses films sont des mondes uniques o? s'?panouit une nature luxuriante, au point qu'elle a fini par cacher leur concepteur derri?re une haie de ...


Plus info about Blake Edward : Melancolie du Gag


I'll bet if anyone can convince them to have a TCM France Festival, it's you!


Au Revoir....

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Hello Miss Applegate.. just wanted to pop in and say I read your Day 1 Part 4 some time ago, but its taken me a while to get back in and read up on your latest entries. Golly, it's the next best thing to being there. (sigh) :-)


I wanted to say thanks again for the fun read (PS.. enjoyed watching your all too brief moment of fame. I could not make out much detail on my little computer screen.. but that was a LOVELY coat, ma'am.)

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The excitement of attending the *Vanity Fair* party is electric. Everyone I encountered who attended seemed to experience it and feel it.


Wearing my full-lenth black satin Chinese formal with the Mandarin collar and clicking my high heels all the way down Hollywood Boulevard, I felt my heart beating faster with each step. I was following Countess De Lave and friends as we drew closer to the entrance of the club, and we all were speaking about how much fun we knew it would be.


As we were entering, the first celeb sighting was Eva Marie Saint and her escort (hubby?). She looked lovely and was very gracious. She was exiting as we were entering and was wearing a lovely creme-coloured outfit and carrying a clutch bag. Folks were genuflecting to her and appreciating the fact that she was able to attend on her way out.


When we had stepped inside, I found my date, Bruce, clasping a glass of white wine, and chatting with another passholder from the East. The crowd was already huge, and I could hear the buzz of voices all around...the screening was..he looks so..they haven't arrived yet...he's over there..the waiter is coming..care for a snack?..look at that hair..she's ravishing...

(I like to imagine they were talking about me!)


The first floor of Kress' s was packed with folks swarming around in a sort of circular motion that eventually led them around to the table where Robert Osborne and Diane Baker were holding court. Mr. Osborne was sitting in a seat in the booth most closest to the milling crowd, and Miss Baker was seated next to him. I had already visited with Mr. Osborne earlier, shortly after my fan perspective interview, and I introduced myself to Miss Baker who looked stunning and exhibited

a kind of serene patience and wonder at all the excitement, seemingly happy to be a part of it, and happy to visit with her fans. Very approachable and affable.


Right before I introduce myself to someone famous, or someone in a position of authority that I am not acquainted with, I always remember a story my cousin told me about Louis Jourdan. It gives me courage.


My cousin was visiting Hollywood for the first time in the 1980's and was staying at a hotel in Beverly Hills. As he was leaving the valet parking area, Louis Jourdan stepped out to wait for his car. My cousin walks over to him to speak, and he says, "Oh, Mr. Jourdan, you're the first movie star I've met since I've been in Hollywood." Mr. Jourdan looks at him with that droll expression of boredom so common to viewers of *Gigi*, and says in his French-accented English, "I'm so happy for you,"

and walks away to his car.


So this incident always reminds me that my comments might not be met with the same enthusiasm I feel at the time. It helps me be prepared for rejection...


But Robert Osborne, who makes everyone he meets seem welcome, always was kind and generous with his time to folks I saw him converse with. The general comments about Mr. Osborne as the festival spokesman and TCM onscreen CEO was overwhelmingly favorable.


And meeting Diane Baker was a joy. She stated that she currently is involved in teaching acting, and I told her that I always enjoyed her performances. In *Marnie*, I explained that I thought the turquoise kimono she wore was lovely, and I always wanted one like it. My aunt, who was a fabulous seamstress, made me a kimono like the one Miss Baker wore in *Marnie* without even using a pattern. Miss Baker said that she always enjoyed hearing fan stories, and she indeed remembered wearing that lovely kimono. She was charming.


After my lovely visit with Miss Baker, and a short nod to Mr. Osborne who was busy greeting other passholders, I romped upstairs to where my date, Bruce, and friends Countess De Lave, and others were soon to arrive. We had all agreed to meet on the top floor because there were so many people on the ground floor.


On my way upstairs, I ran into Ed Faulker and his wife. Faulkner is a character actor who has worked on many films with John Wayne and episodic television. He was surprised that I had recognized him because he says most folks don't remember who he is. He and his wife are very charming, and Mr. Faulkner currently works in private business, but also continues acting. He expressed the joy he had at working in so many films with John Wayne. They are very sweet folks..Mr. Faulkner can currently be seen in one of the "Words of Mouth" extras on TCM, and I believe it is the one with Director Andrew McGlaglen, son of actor Victor McGlaglen, discussing John Wayne.


As I'm waiting in line to move around to the stairs because of all the partygoers, Alec Baldwin walks by, and I say, "Hi, Alec." And he says, "Hi, how's it going?" and moves along to his next stop to sit down by Robert Osborne, and they have a photo op.


Upstairs, my pals and I found the perfect place to see the whole arena of guests and passholders. It was the corner booth upstairs near the DJ. Waiters kept coming around with drinks, and goodies to snack on. We could see everything happening in the main arena of celeb activity while we were perched in our perfect "catbird seat" booth. Then a photographer from CNN comes and sits with us, takes our photos, and sits down to visit for awhile. He tells us about all the folks he has taken pictures of since the evening began, and others at the festival. Then, after he has a beverage, he has to go downstairs and take more pictures.


As I get up to visit the powder room while we are upstairs, Jaqueline Bisset walks in with her friend from London, and I introduce myself and we talk about London, her visit to LA, how great Jack Cardiff was with his photography of *Pandora and the Flying Dutchman* which is being screened at the festival, and how hot and humid it is in Houston where she had filmed a movie. She seems very shy at first, but was happy that I had remembered her working and visiting Houston.


Then off to the powder room where I needed to update my look with one of my favorite lip gloss colors, #300, L'Oreal, tuck in a stray hair or two from my upsweep, and readjust my little red flower...


Back at the table, we started requesting our favorites from the DJ, and he was happy to comply, and we all started dancing. More drinks...More dancing. Then the CNN photographer comes back upstairs and tells us Cher had put in an appearance. We all ask what she was wearing. "Some white number," he says.


Then I ran into a tall, good looking man on the stairs who said Hugh Hefner had just been there with some blonde babe. And after way too much wine, I think I said something like, "Oohh, big news flash from 50 years ago." He laughed, but then I felt guilty I had said something like that. Ah, Bacchus...


So I missed Hugh and Cher, but luckily others hadn't and said they were gracious to the passholders who were able to chat with them.....Oh, well. Back to more wine, more snacks, and more dancing to our favorites until the wee hours. We laughed and chatted and danced until the DJ started packing up his equipment, and the wine flowed no more, and little waiters with trays of goodies had abandoned us...

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