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Dear SueSue,


I just found this under Special Presentations:




*Compiled by - Bruce Goldstein*


*Running Time: 128 mins*

*The fabulous Nicholas Brothers, Fayard (1914-2006) and Harold (1921-2000), are considered among the greatest dancers of the 20th century. Despite racial hurdles, the self-taught African American entertainers became one of the biggest musical acts of their time, headlining on Broadway, radio, and television, and in vaudeville and nightclubs. Their dazzling, show-stopping numbers in movies like Down Argentine Way (1940), Sun Valley Serenade(1941), and Stormy Weather(1943) made them international icons. Known for effortless balletic moves, elegant tap dancing, impeccable rhythms, and jaw-dropping leaps, flips, and splits--along with a consummate grace and sly sense of humor--the Olympian duo are in the end impossible to categorize. They are the dancer's dancers, and their fans have included Gene Kelly, who teamed with them in The Pirate (1948); Bob Fosse and Gregory Hines, whose first acts were modeled on them; ballet legends George Ballanchine and Mikhail Baryshnikov; Michael Jackson, who once had Fayard as a dance coach; and Fred Astaire, who named their Stormy Weather "staircase" number the greatest of all musical sequences. Their influence continues to this day. This special tribute has been compiled by Bruce Goldstein, writer and co-producer of a 1991 documentary on the team. In attendance: Bruce Goldstein and members of the Nicholas*


*In attendance: Robert Townsend and Bruce Goldstein*

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I'm still looking at the schedule and making decisions. That's truly the most difficult part of the

TCM FESTIVAL-- making choices. So much fun, so little time!!


Since I've been receiving numerous emails and calls concerning where to go, what to do, and time management issues, I suggest all interested parties (and there will be parties! ) follow the links to these informative threads----


The NEWBIES THREAD: http://forums.tcm.com/thread.jspa?threadID=159290&tstart=0



HISTORIC SIGHTS: http://forums.tcm.com/thread.jspa?threadID=152178&tstart=0


Another tip: Keep checking your email and reviewing the press releases. There are surely to be more announcements! :)

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For updates, check out these great festival links...


Things to bring......



In and Out Unofficial Gathering Updates....



Just get ready for lots of fun, film, and friends galore! And of course there is the usual camaraderie, canoodling, and canapes, and not necessarily in that order!!! :)


I wonder if they might be taping some of these great guest programmer segments at the Film Fest..


Hope so!


And for all you Wills and Kate fans, check out the following article about what TCM is planning on Friday, April 29th, (Wedding Day):




And if you are at the festival, it's 1 a.m. in the morning when the royal nups begin....

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I am definitely planning to attend Peter O'Toole's Footprints Ceremony on the schedule. Anyone else add this item to their personal agenda?


And I will certainly enjoy the booth they've set up at the Hollywood Roosevelt for interviews with Robert Osborne and Ben Mankiewicz as they speak with film industry professionals.


Messageboards member Butterscotchgreer really enjoyed the Road to Hollywood with Ben and Angie Dickinson in Austin to introduce *Rio Bravo* on April 16, and Tricia NY wrote about Tippi Hedren and *The Birds* on the messageboards, as well as Cinemaven discussing her foray to see Robert Osborne and Angela Lansbury as they introduced *The Manchurian Cadidate*. The Road to Hollywood is a wonderful way for folks to enjoy a taste of the TCM Film Festival if they don't have the time to come to LA in April.


I can't believe it's NEXT WEEK!

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> {quote:title=SueSueApplegate wrote:}{quote}

> I am definitely planning to attend Peter O'Toole's Footprints Ceremony on the schedule. Anyone else add this item to their personal agenda?



Why, yes, Ms. Applegate. I am planning on attending this event.


David in Seattle (by way of the biggest of D's [Dallas, for non-Texans])

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That's great, David! Can't wait...


BTW, if anyone hasn't seen information from Film Festival 101 on the film website, it reveals when Ben and Robert O. will be interviewing and visiting film professionals at Club TCM...


While you'll see our production teams at work often throughout the festival, here are some specific opportunities to watch Robert Osborne or Ben Mankiewicz interview some of our special guests live from the TCM Classic Film Festival.


WEDNESDAY, April 27 (if you're in town, come on by) 1:00pm- 3:00pm Robert Osborne- TCM Stage in the Hollywood Roosevelt lobby Ben Mankiewicz- Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel Pool


THURSDAY, April 28


Robert Osborne- TCM Stage in the Hollywood Roosevelt lobby

Ben Mankiewicz- Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel Pool


FRIDAY, April 29


Ben Mankiewicz- TCM Stage in the Hollywood Roosevelt lobby


SATURDAY, April 30


Robert Osborne- TCM Stage in the Hollywood Roosevelt lobby

2:00pm- 3:30pm

Ben Mankiewicz- TCM Stage in the Hollywood Roosevelt lobby

*Shoot times and locations subject to change; please see the Information Desk for updates.




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I will be arriving on Wednesday, so I may not start "official" posting until Friday morning. I can't wait to see all my "new" pals from last year and can't wait to make the acquaintance of first-time passholders in 2011!


Lzcutter and Cinemave have already started rolling with their posts, so enjoy!

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Dateline: Hollywood!


Arriving at the Hollywood Roosevelt is always a thrill, especially when it's time for the TCM Film Festival. Palm trees are softly swaying in the breeze, and tall, cool beverages stand **** on a tray held high by a handsome waiter circling the heated pool now filled with salt water, which keeps all us bathing beauties more buoyant.


Ah...the good life.


It is indeed comforting to see some of the same wonderful staff members ready to help with luggage, directions, and suggestions for the fast-paced excitement. They want all guests to have fun, relax, and enjoy, and not long after my check-in, I met a couple of fun-loving

kids from the Jersey Shores, Milt and Sue and Mike and Fran, and they were doing their best to comply. :)


On Wednesday afternoon, Robert Osborne is conducting interviews with film professionals in the lobby of the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, located on Hollywood Blvd, across the street from Grauman's Chinese Theater. As I arrived in the lobby, it was a bustle of activity and excited fans.


Mr. Osborne prepares to conduct an interview with Barbara Rush, who is all "decked out" in a lovely two-piece suit in a striking shade of canary. One fan in front of me compliments Ms. Rush concerning her shoes, which were multicolored and vibrant with almost every shade in the rainbow. Ms. Rush volunteered to everyone that she designed her shoes all by herself, and that it was one of her favorite pursuits. I introduced myself to Ms. Rush, and her manner and gracious reserve is very much like her character of Joan Dickinson in *The Young Philadelphians*, and she looks so lovely, and seems to glow with good health and energy. I am impressed with her kindness, also. She sat and spoke privately with Isac, a young man whose TCM Fan Perspective was filmed at the TCM Festival in 2010, and whose last name is not in my notes. Regular TCM viewers will recognize him for his energy and enthusiasm for classic film and popular media from his interview, which has aired many times in the past year. After Ms. Rush's lengthy visit with Isac, those adorable, tiny feet in those beautiful shoes carried Ms. Rush and her elegance toward the stage and to her interview with Robert Osborne, who states that Ms. Rush and her family were extraordinarily kind to him in his early days in Hollywood. Kudos to Ms. Rush for helping out one of our beloved TCM hosts.


Other interviews conducted this afternoon on the lobby stage include the legendary Angela Allen (continuity expert on *The African Queen*, *Pandora and the Flying Dutchman*, *The Third Man* and many other legendary films) who arrived from London and was staying with friends in L.A., Dorothy Hermann ( Composer Bernard Herrman's daughter, who will introduce *The Ghost and Mrs.* *Muir* during later festival activities), and others. The unveiling of the original Grauman's footprints of Sid Grauman, Mary Pickford and Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. , was hosted by Robert Osborne and a lovely young lady from the family who currently owns the "cement" archives. Applause and ahs were heard even from event-seasoned media in attendance and also those savvy passholders who were early birds...


On Thursday, the first official event is graphic artist Michael Schwab who is signing the official TCM Film Festival Poster, and many passholders did not pass up this opportunity to have an official 2011 memento signed by its originator.


From 1 to 2 p.m. in Club TCM, all eager festivalgoers had a chance to Meet the People Behind the Network and connect a face to a job description. Adorable Scott McGee, in charge of festival research and other festival duties, including compilation of festival tributes, moderated the event. Charles Tabesh (Programming Director), Genevieve McGillicuddy (Managing Director), Pola Changnon(Creative Director), and Darcy Hettrich(Director of Talent) were on the dais. Each spoke about their job responsibilities,and Ms.McGillicuddy and Mr. McGee revealed that they both had Master's Degrees in Film/and or Communication, and that having those degrees greatlly helped in their eventual employment with Turner Classic Movies. Tom Brown, Director of Original Programming, also discussed his contributions to the network and explained that financing is often a major factor in developing certain creative programs particular to TCM. One young lady from the audience expressed her desire to work as an intern, and it was suggested by panel members that she visit the website for jobs at the Turner Network.


Mr. Tabesh was responsible for the programming of the films at the 2011 festival and as I recall, received a round of applause for his many efforts, and Ms. Hettrich reminisced about the harrowing moments during the TCM Festival 2010 when volcanic ash clouds almost prevented Luise Rainer from appearing at the festival and having that wonderful interview with Robert Osborne. Because of Ms. Hettrich's activism, we are able to enjoy so many wonderful film professionals at this festival, like Debbie Reynolds, Jane Powell, Richard Roundtree, Julie Andews, Hayley Mills, George Chakiris, Kirk Douglas, Angela Allen, Diane Disney Miller, Dorothy Hermann, Angela Landsbury, Cheryl Rogers-Barnett, Barbara Rush, Warren Beatty, Mickey Rooney, Margaret O'Brien, Leslie Caron, Mary Badham, Kirk Douglas, and Peter O'Toole! And film experts like Donald Bogle, Leonard Maltin, Cari Beauchamp, Katie Trainor, David Stenn, Kevin Brownlow, and Disney historian J.B. Kaufman. I am glad Ms. Hettrich could persuade them all to leave their "swankiendas."


Genevieve McGillicuddy, Managing Director of the Festival, is also responsible for the upcoming TCM Cruise in December. Great idea! Many passholders I've spoken to expressed keen interest in the USS TCM....


After the interesting TCM Panel, all TCM City Posters trounced over to the In-and-Out Burjay for our annual officially unofficial gathering of the clan: The mysterious red-headed stranger, Jack Burley, friendly and fedora'd Kingrat (winner of the last TCM Challenge and host of the next), Stephanie from Jersey, Miss Emberly from Texas, Charlie Chaplin 101, BeatleBrandon, the legendary Kyle from Hollywood, Izcutter and Mr. Cutter from the San Fernando Valley, David from Seattle, lovely loveslilacs and her husband James, the stylish and efficient Countess De Lave (hostess of the last programming challenge), Glenn, the winner of the Classic TCM Festival 2011 pass, wouldbestar, Morlock Jeff, and Disney historian J.B. Kaufmann. It was so much fun meeting acquaintances from last year, and new ones I'd already made this year. If I've left anyone out of our star-studded scenario, feel free to update me!

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A great post, Sue Sue! I felt like I was a part of it all. I think CineMaven was there too.


I am especially pleased to hear about *Angela Allen* - there is a really wonderful interview with her here, for those not lucky enough to see her at the festival:



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Thank you, Jackie! I feel the same way about wonderful Angela Allen. Being from the UK, she really knows how to "hold court," and did so for about an hour for several of her fans at the final Club TCM festivities.


Great link to more info on Ms. Allen.


Cinemave's adventures make stimulating reading. Check it out if you haven't yet, folks!

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Preparing for the exciting premiere event at the Turner Classic Film Festival 2011 encouraged me to organize my outfits early. I knew that Leslie Caron would be introducing *An American in Paris* with Robert Osborne, so I wanted to create an unusual outfit to honor stylish stars and have fun with playing "dress up." An homage to Edith Head, Adrian, and Orry Kelly would be a great idea for next year's "glam film fez fun."


Flashback: When I was in 2nd and 3rd grade, we lived in the wonderful city of New Orleans, and for playtime, my Mom would haunt the resale shops after Mardi Gras to find my sister and I clothes for our "dress up" tea parties with neighborhood kids, and she would also look for ball gowns that she might use for her social events that she attended with my Dad.


The most stunning "playwear" in my recollection was a lovely rose pink satin, scoop-necked ball gown with full skirt that had sculpted silk roses made from the same pink satin material as the gown, and they were appliqued to the neckline, waistline, and shoulders of the bodice. High heels, Mom's discarded lipsticks, translucent powder, eyebrow pencil, and Voila! Grown-up as I could be at 7!


So I wanted to create a special outfit for 2011 because my love for fashion compelled me .


I decided on one of two dresses, a pink chiffon number with beaded bodice, or a V-necked black velvet number, with a Ginger Rogers cape made of graduated flocked netting with a black satin sash, and after seeking expert advice from one of my personal fashion savvy friends, I chose the black velvet number.


I was almost ready to start trimming and hemming my cape, when my dear pal offered me the use of an emerald-shaped vintage pin with graduated baguette rhinestones, and I decided to use the black flocked netting with sparkles as a stole with the pin as it's focal point. Black Claudette Colbert pumps were the tootsie toter of choice so I added some vintage rhinestone buttons set in silver to the black satin bands criss-crossed on the instep. Then I made a little graduated ruffle that underscored the silver buttons.


When loveslilacs arrived to assist with the upswept "do" I was contemplating, she was impressed with the entire ensemble. With her approval, I knew it was the right choice.


Then all of my friends and I went to the Club TCM Meet and Greet at 5 p.m. It was so much fun meeting new friends from all over the world, and seeing pals and acquaintances from last year's festival. Sam and Becca, Tony from Missouri, Stephanie from New Jersey, Antoinette from Ohio, Jonathan from Scotland, Tracy and James from Lafayette, Paula from Oakland, Paula from Georgia, Theresa from New York, Milt and Sue and Mike and Fran from "Joisey," Theresa from Florida, Emberly from Austin, Ben and Bruce from Chicago, and many more...


Then we all walked over to Graumann's for the Gala Premiere of An American in Paris where Robert Osborne and Leslie Caron were having a short discussion before the screening. Ms. Caron, who also was scheduled to have a book signing of Thank Heaven, her 2010 autobiography, reminisced with Mr. Osborne and stated that at the time she was filming *An American in Paris* with Gene Kelly, she didn't realize that it would still be celebrated and revered so many years later.


Ms. Caron's energy and enthusiasm for her standing ovation and audence reception was evident in her manner and gratitude. After such a lovely beginning, the curtains opened up and the film began. The colors were so brilliant and the scenic design and art direction created such a vibrant palette of images that it seemed as if every frame were an oil painting. The score sounded lovely, and the audience applauded when it began and when it ended.


After the excitement of the premiere, we all walked over to the Vanity Fair party with me in my black velvet gown with the fluffy, sparkly stole, Colbert heels, and vintage beaded bag...I was a legend in my own mind, and that of a few tourists who were taking pictures of me on the runway. It was so much fun and the festival had barely even begun.


Let the schmoozing begin! :)

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Dear Ms. Applegate,


I know exactly what you mean about outfits. I spent at least 5 minutes each day sorting through t-shirts. Would it be my "I (heart) Canter's Fairfax" or "Roscoe's Fried Chicken and Waffle House"? Would Lakers' fans take offense at my various Mavericks fan shirts? Would anyone know what a Seattle Sounder is? Of course, there were also decisions like I've only worn this shirt three times since the last wash. Are there too many mustard stains?


What I don't get is how you ladies can delight in working through all of these decisions every day. Hats off to you! It's so good to be a man.



David in Seattle

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