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Favorite Wisecracking Gal

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Ginger Rogers was pretty quick with a smart remark, especially in her films of the 30's and select films of the 40's and so was Lucille Ball when she was in her cynical mode (as in Without Love or Stage Door)

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I would say Aline McMahon and Eve Arden. The "alligator" line from Mildred Pierce is immortal. I never though of Marie Windsor as a wisecracker but I suppose she was. Did she have any idea just how much she was appreciated as an actress by us fans? She was a Star!

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Leading ladies: Ginger Rogers, Roz Russell (especially in HIS GIRL FRIDAY) and Myrna Loy in the THIN MAN series.


Supporting: Eve Arden in almost all of her pictures (offering a toast in MILDRED PIERCE: "To the men we have loved -- the stinkers!").


And, of course, Thelma Ritter.

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Some thoughts about my favorite wise-cracking gals:


Thelma Ritter--the queen of the scene (if she didn't own it outright,she stole it!)

Rosalind Russell--"I'd love to meet your folks!" (*Auntie Mame*)

Maureen O'Hara--red-headed, hot-headed Irish-tinged invectives..."little Vicki, your child bride..."

Florence Bates--"Still waters certainly run deep, my dear!" (*Rebecca*)

Bette Davis--bumpy nights and not asking for the moon!

Ann Sheridan--classy but quick!

Joan Blondell--cute and sassy!

Barbara Stanwyck--"There's a speed limit in this state, and I'd say you were going about 90." (*Double Indemnity*)

Eve Arden-- any line where she ends up staring straight ahead!

Myrna Loy--she kept William Powell and Clark Gable in line for decades!

Marie Windsor--the experience to back up the punch!

Jean Harlow--be careful when she gets all wound up!


I guess I love wise-crackin' guys and gals because my folks had such great discussions.

They would step all over each other's lines like *His Girl Friday*, and not listen to what

the other said, but all the time they kept thinking of the next thing they were going to say.

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Great list! Note that some of the big stars in your list, like Stanwych, while great with a wisecrack also were known for so much more. I mentioned Blondell since she made her living off of the wisecrack and her verbal sparing with the Warner stars like Cagney. For character actors no one did it better than Eve Arden and Ritter. In all the movies I have seen them in, one waits for the wisecrack line! Of course that isn't true with someone like Bette Davis or Maureen O'Hara.


Russell fits the bill in her comedies and Ann Sheridan (in most of her movies, come to think of it, except Kings Rows).

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I know she barely had a film career, but I've got to mention Audrey Meadows. She, more than Lucille Ball, was the ultimate television wisecracker, to my mind. I watch "That Touch of Mink" basically just for her. Her boss at the Automat: 'Are you aware of this company's policy on giving away food?" Audrey: "No sir. Are we for it or against it?"

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> {quote:title=ClassicViewer wrote:}{quote}

> Eve Arden probably leads the list. Jean Harlow.


> But I would also include Hattie McDaniel...even though she was given some pretty nutty things to say, she definitely had some sass.


Yep, especially in Gone With the Wind. "I don' see Mr Ashley askin' for ta marry you."

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