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To All D-Day Veterans

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To Charles Durning, whose name we know, and all those other American, British, Canadian, and men of other countries known only to friends and families: Thank you for risking your lives on this morning 66 years ago to insure that we have the freedom to have something like this thread to express our views on.


From the newsreels and movies I?ve seen it must have taken unbelievable courage and conviction that you were in the right to jump off those boats onto those beaches knowing you were facing enemy fire from the get-go. I?m sure you all saw friends and comrades die before your eyes but you kept going. It took another year but those who would have forced their bigoted views on the rest of the world were defeated.


I have read articles about how dangerously close the Axis powers came to defeating our forces. The movie about D-Day, The Longest Day, shows a couple of these. One of my area?s papers told this morning of how the assault was falling apart until a General Cota rallied those around him to keep trying to get to higher ground. Other commanding officers followed suit and victory was snatched from defeat. Do we understand any of this? A cartoon back when Saving Private Ryan was released showed a young man coming home after seeing it and saluting his grandfather who had been there. Did we do the same to our kinfolk or acquaintances who for whom this was not a movie but the real deal today?


To these men who are reading this-THANK YOU! I wish I could say more.

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