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Anyone who plays Marie Antoinette




I've never seen a 2 story hairdo before




But for a beautiful hairdo there is Keira Knightley.in "The Dutchess". :)




Edited by: hamradio on Jun 9, 2010 1:14 PM

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In between the two ! should be the location of the photo you are trying to post: ie:


exclamation point(no space) www.website or location on your computer where photo is located(no space) exclamation point


Hope that helps!

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Thank you so much, cinemafan, for those great pics! :)


And thank you, zcutter, for the info. For some reason, even though I am following the format,

it just doesn't work. I'll keep trying, though!


In the meantime, everyone feel free to post some of your favorite BIG HAIR moments! :)

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Right now, I'm checking out Sidney Poitier in "THE LONG SHIPS." His Elvis Presley-do is pretty high up there. But his James Brown-look is kind of sexy in this action-adventure film with one of the great theme songs.


...And then there's Rosanna Schiaffino.

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Sue2 -- The problem with that one is you named a webpage instead of a photo.




Most of the time, you can right-click a photo and use the "open in new window" to take you to the standalone picture.

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This is the link to the webpage that has the photo of it as part of the page:




That?s what you used as the photo code.


But you need to right click on the photo itself to get the actual photo code, which is this:




Then put one of these at the beginning and the end of the photo code, and the picture will show up on this thread:



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Thanks for the Anne BIG HAIR Baxter pic, cinemafan! And thanks for all the tips from Bronxie, Cinemafan, Capuchin, lzcutter, and mongo. I finally dood it!


Thanks, FredCDobbs for all your help and that great pic of Marlene as *Blonde Venus*. It's so 70's, but from 1932!



Norma Shearer and really BIG HAIR in *Marie Antoinette*.

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There was a western on last week with Glenn Ford, Angie Dickinson & Chad Everett (can't remember the name of it at the moment) and Angie had some kind of weird hairstyle that was part 19th century and part swingin' 60's with all kinds of hairpieces and boufanty teasing.

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