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That one on the right, I think it's one of my ex-husbands. Yeah. Fang.

Hamradio, thanks for the twin pics. But how can you tell the true Doppelganger?




Bea's bouffant was nixed in Pixley, and not hailed as a Hooterville hotelier, hence pix nixed as thread spread. Oh, O.k.




How can you not love Betty Rubble, though?



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Is it me, or has nobody mentioned Dustin Hoffman in *Tootsie* yet?


I think Jane Fonda had similarly big hair in *Nine to Five*.


They both had big glasses, which would be a topic for another thread....

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Ha ha Fedya...boys don't make passes at girls who wear glasses. Unless they're Marilyn in "How to Marry A Millionaire."


Sue Times Two...thanxxx for the photo of Benadaret. I especially liked her playing the foil to Gracie Allen on "The Burns and Allen Show." Thanxx!

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Geeze, this long big hair thread, and no one has mentioned the QUEEN of big hair, Dolly Parton?


And I'm sorry, but most of those mentioned so far are really more medium hair.


Has anyone noticed a related phenomenon, which I call "ear tunnels?" You see them on a lot of TV news women with long hair, and actresses with big hair, but I haven't seen them on any real-life people I can think of. An "ear tunnel" is when a woman has long hair, at least to the shoulder, or longer. It hangs down the sides of her head, but, in defiance of gravity, it curves out around the ears, making them perfectly visible, behind all that hair. Sort of nested in there, usually with a big earring.

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Sue (to the 2nd power)...that picture below of Betty Hutton is a knock-out. She was a raucous one, but here she looks sad and sexy. Oh...and pouffy.


Re: Esther Williams...I always thought she was one of the prettiest actresses in Hollywood. And some of our fellow Board members, actually got to see Ms. Williams in person at TCM's recent film festival. Lucky stiffs.

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Semi-pouffy was Kim Novak with her french roll hair cut. Question. I'm watching the tail end of "...Lylah Clare" and I was wondering did Melina Mercouri dub Kim's voice? It's kind of sad and

scary to see Novak like this.

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