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> {quote:title=SueSueApplegate wrote:}{quote}

> Star of the Month, Miss Natalie Wood...


> natalie-wood.jpg


> 12.jpg


> Natalie_Wood.jpg


















































































Those are stunning photos of Natalie, SueSue.


Don't miss INSIDE DAISY CLOVER tomorrow. It's one of those movies you can laugh at and with. I'm looking forward to PENELOPE, which I've never seen.

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> {quote:title=traceyk65 wrote:}{quote}

> Whaaaat? HOW DID YOU DO THAT????


Your photo?s URL was buried in your attempted post. I found it and posted it.


The photo?s URL address for the jpg is this:




If you put an exclamation mark ! directly in front of and at the end of that address, the photo will show up on this page as a photo.


Edited by: FredCDobbs on Jun 28, 2010 2:55 PM

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Beautiful, cinemafan! I really enjoy Linda Darnell. One of my favorites is *A Letter to Three Wives.*

And she really stands by her man in *Blood and Sand*.


Well, as I recall, *Forever Amber* was a BIG HAIR epic, and a highly touted film from the popular, racy tome of the same title.




Kathleen Winsor became the SIXTH wife of Henry VIII, I mean Artie Shaw, who had once sniped at

gorgeous hair gal, Ava Gardner, for reading such a pornographic novel banned in several states for

it's purported lewdness and lack of literary quality. Hypocrisy and clarinet tunes obviously go together!


It also popularized the name AMBER for girls!

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*Kathleen Winsor became the SIXTH wife of Henry VIII, I mean Artie Shaw,*




I just did a spit take across my laptop thanks to your writing.


Going to get paper towels now.

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lzcutter, if you can't stand the heat on THE BIG HAIR THREAD, please avoid Bronxie's Hirsuteness thread....or we will need to order more paper products...rimshot...rimshot...badabinghotchacha....


BTW,after her foray into a royal union with Artie Shaw, Kathleen Winsor then married her divorce lawyer, which was a short-lived union. But in 1956 or so she married Paul Porter, somehow connected with the FCC, and they were wed until his death in 1975.Barbara Taylor Bradford wrote a lovely preface to the 2000 edition of Forever, Amber.

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Very nice, cinemafan, especially the green sweater/very red hair shot. But, I think my favorite image of Ann M. will always be from *Tommy*, when she, all in white, is inundated by baked beans. And, no, I don't have a bean fetish of any kind...

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