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> {quote:title=ValentineXavier wrote:}{quote}

> Very nice, cinemafan, especially the green sweater/very red hair shot. But, I think my favorite image of Ann M. will always be from *Tommy*, when she, all in white, is inundated by baked beans. And, no, I don't have a bean fetish of any kind...


Yeah, but that photo is probably for another thread - she most likely didn't have Big Hair there!

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More Angie courtesy of Jackie's inspiration...




Martin Landau and Angie Dickinson...


Big Duke with a little perky parlor "do"



Glam shot...



Looks like this one is from Dressed to Kill...



BIG HAIR, Glam gams and a little guac...

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SueSue, this forum is so much fun. If anyone has a picture of the Viking princess in THE LONG SHIPS, you'll have proof that the Vikings not only discovered America before Columbus, they were using hairspray back then, too.

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I was watching *Rio Grande* last night and noticed this gigantic bun Maureen O'Hara was wearing on her head and I thought, "now THAT'S a big bun!" I couldn't get a screencap of it, like I wanted to, because for some reason my Rio Grande dvd won't play in my computer. This is the best shot I could find of it:




I guess someone else likes big buns too.


Alice Faye



Joan Fontaine


Grace Kelly


Gloria Swanson


Gene Tierney


Carole Landis


Ann Sheridan


Ann Harding


Aline MacMahon


Alice Joyce


Audrey Hepburn


Kim Novak


Edited by: JackFavell on Jul 2, 2010 12:51 PM

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Dear Jackie,

Sue Sue says no "boo-boo."

No offense taken. Upsweep, chignon, French twist...buns by any other name...

and thank you so much for the lovely photos! My computer is running v....e....r...y...slowly, and

I've had guests, so I haven't been attending to THE BIG HAIR THREAD as I should have...


I think the ultimate classic is Audrey Hepburn in *Breakfast at Tiffany's*. It is iconic, but the one you posted of Maureen is great, too! Thank you, Jackie! Alice Faye's had that cute, curly perm finish, a precursor to Carrie Fisher's double-bun Star Wars do. But the the traditional "Madeline" from *Vertigo* sported by Kim Novak was a very clean, polished version of Grace Kelly's in *To Catch a Thief*. Kelly had the little wave in front, but Novak's was slick.


Gene Tierney's double chignon from *The Ghost and Mrs. Muir* is one of my all time favorites.And if you view the film, it is a consistently proportioned throughout every scene.


Another example of the standard bun sported was often by Katherine Hepburn,and in order for her curls to be properly proportioned, she would use pencil-thin rollers made of newspaper.


But I had to add some more images of Gene Tierney. And I know we are off topic with the first one (No chignon), but when I saw this lovely photo, I had to post it.

Stunning Gene as Zia in 1941's *Sundown...* genetierney8.jpg

Classic Gene...


Weird kind of artsy shot with Mannequin heads...anybody know what film this is from?


By artist Karen Townsend...


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*I know. That's what I thought at first. But I guess she would make them, and use them for a while...*

*who knows? Years?*


Guess it helped that she wasn't blonde? Can you imagine what it would have looked like had she been a blonde with newsprint in her hair? Ewww.

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Whew! Sorry.... I got nervous! I sometimes think something is funny and post without thinking.


Love, love, love Gene's hair in Ghost and Mrs. Muir. Thanks so much for the Gene photos - no apologies for going off topic! Gene Tierney is ALWAYS a perfect topic! Love the mask photo.


I wish you could see Maureen's do better - I am going to try to get that screencap one more time.


I never knew that about Katherine Hepburn, but my daughter came home last month and said that her friend had rolled her hair with paper.... that's a new one on me!


I always used rags - strips of an old sheet cut or ripped into 1 inch wide strips..... it worked GREAT, and you didn't kill yourself sleeping on them. I did a play once in which I played one of several daughters - and we all rolled our hair into the most amazing Mary Pickford ringlets and wore big bows in our hair. It was great fun.

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Another one of my favorite ladies with BIG HAIR..


Diahann Carroll


With Sidney Poitier in Paris Blues...








As a major player in the fashionista game, she even had her own line of designs with Butterick fashions...


And a doll



As well as a singing career with many albums...



One of my favorite television shows when I was in junior high from 1968 that ran for two seasons was Julia with Diahann and veteran actor LLoyd Nolan, a program about a single Mom and nurse. As a single Mom myself, I always remember the strength and patience of her character as Julia...



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