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Mind if I squeak in a vote just in time?


All the schedules were great, seriously, very good, and I don't know how I got any votes being up against those awesome schedules (but thanks for those who voted for me!!) And I'm so glad pretty much everyone loved my Andy Griffith schedule. It's fun to find new connections to things other than birthdays or filmmaker salutes. (Not that there's anything wrong with those--it's just as hard to figure out who had a birthday on a particular week, after all.)


I have to give my vote to the person who had a whole day devoted to the amazing Kringold, and Woody, and Busby, and who let me know I share a birthday with the great Virginia Mayo, *rdmtimp* --very nice first try!


To our new poster with the critiques, sometime when you make your own schedule you'll learn that there are always three times as many films that fit a theme as there is time for, so you have to pick and choose based on what movies you really love, what premieres you want to do, or "gee, which movie is between 90 minutes and 1 hour 45 minutes long?". Can't wait to see what you come up with next time. Give it a try!


Edited by: LonesomePolecat on Jun 18, 2010 6:30 PM

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I am voting for countessdelave. Her schedule is the one I most want to see in real life and she made me laugh out loud too. Fantastic programming.


You all did a great job and should be very, very proud of yourselves!

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Unfortunately, I think you have jumped in with both feet without taking into account a number of the things of the Challenge rules or history.


1. They can't use "refinements" because once they submit their schedule on the board, which they had done, it's done. There's no going back to say, "Oh, I want to change this section to do this." (Even if we wanted to do so, the TCM message board locks a post at the end of a day so no editing can be done to it. There is no polishing or do-overs. The schedule is final, no refinements.)


2. One of the things you mentioned was that someone's tribute to the Andy Griffith Show should have included the opening and closing shows of that series. However, this is a movie-only Challenge. The only entries we use from TV may be a "making of" feature of a film or something like Private Screenings or a TCM documentary on a genre, that sort of thing.


Since this is a day to vote, and since it is Movieman's thread (as moderator of the Challenge), I don't wish to tie it up. I just think you will understand better once you study it closer (the first post in the thread that this Challenge started in will fill you in better: http://forums.turnerclassicmovies.com/jive/tcm/thread.jspa?threadID=153156&tstart=45&messageID=8399061#8399061).


As he mentions, the original Challenge was created by path40a as a means of feeling what it is like to create a week as the TCM programmer might. What movieman hasn't mentioned is that the reason path40a created the Challenge was that a regular group of complainers were always knocking TCM's programming. What path40a wanted to do was to give them the chance to put their money where their mouth was. If they thought they could do it better, and they believed they could, here was the perfect way to prove it. Needless to say, none of them took up the Challenge...and to this day never have. Do they still complain about the schedule? Of course they do. But those of us who love TCM did take up the challenge and have had a great time ever since. And with doing each schedule, we gained respect for what the TCM Programmer does, not just one week, but 52 weeks a year, year after year.


Give it a try next time. Just remember that every day must begin at 6 AM EST, all daytime themed programming must be completed by 8 pm when Robert O. comes on with his night time theme (making sure to include in your time planning that he will speak at the beginning and end of the movie), include films that are in three of the main studio libraries listed or else work within a limited set number of premieres new to TCM involving other studios, make sure your times for films work accurately into the schedules (and that the movies begin on the quarter or half hours), make sure to include The Essentials, Star of the Month, Silent Sunday Night, TCM Imports, TCM Underground, and a special theme that the moderator of the Challenge will come up with, and all films and shorts "showing the time it airs, name of the film, year it was produced, star or person of interest, studio, running time, premiere or previously scheduled."


Have fun. See you next time.


Edited by: filmlover on Jun 18, 2010 6:51 PM

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Congratulations to all who submitted a schedule...once again I salute you and

the hard work and originality that went into your efforts. And I do know it is

hard work, that's why I never have done one! :D But I enjoy reading the results

and it's always gratifying when TCMprogrammr, who does look at these

schedules, picks up on one of the ideas or themes and institutes it in TCM's actual



I submitted my vote via PM yesterday, so I'll just say let the best schedule win and

this was the toughest round yet for me to choose. :)

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cujas - Thank you very much for your vote. It means more because your posts in Games and Trvia show you have wide knowledge of movies and actors. I shall celebrate your vote by toast with ouzo.


To others who vote for me by PM - Thank you very much. You are being very sweet.

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> {quote:title=ClassicViewer wrote:}{quote}

> 7. SANSFIN...Nursery rhymes is cute, but almost too clever...why no films based on actual nursery rhymes? I like the character actor tribute a lot. But when you pick a character actor to spotlight, you should pick someone who did an occasional lead, like Charles Coburn, Elsa Lanchester or Marjorie Main.


I considered opening week with day of movies based on nursery rhymes. It was scanty list. It is sad to say none were as strong movies as those I could chose by relating to lines of nursery rhymes. I had to chose whether to make theme uppermost or make good movies uppermost. Whether I made good decision is to be decided by voters.


I must respectfully disagree about using only character actors which also were stars. Good character actors are as much bones of industry as costume designers, writers, directors and all others who do not appear on screen at all. Those who became stars of their own movies received recognition by it. This is my way of honoring those who worked very hard to contribute greatly to movies and often received little recognition. Many times they were not even credited for roles which turned average movies into great ones.


You said in another post these schedules could be 'solid and spectacular'. Your standards must be very much higher than mine. I research by looking at schedules for many past challenges. I think they are all grand. The schedules for this challenge are all most excellent.


(I will appreciate it greatly if you do not critique this post. I know there must be very many errors. English is not my first language. I post here to have reason to improve my writing of it. I still have much to learn. Everyone has been very patient with me. I hope you can also be patient.)

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I'd like to extend a "thank you" to the moderator of this Challenge. Thanks for doing a very nice job, Movieman. You're class, all the way.


This was a close vote for me. None of the schedules were completely "me," but most had elements that I enjoyed. One programmer has now become a constant with me and they were in the running this time. That would be "kingrat." The two other contenders are new in terms of my vote. They are SansFin and Capuchin.


I really liked the "Nursery Rhyme" theme with SansFin. That was brilliant and entertaining. I liked the spotlight on Ozu, Jean Simmons as "Star of the Month," and Monty Python's The Holy Grail. And the inclusion of Scarlet Street is always going to net big points with me.


The "Women: A to Z" theme by kingrat was very creative. I really enjoyed that. I also liked the "Negulesco Noir," Whistle Down the Wind, Cleopatra Jones, Jean Simmons as "Star of the Month," and Pandora and the Flying Dutchman as an Essential.


I was very impressed by Capuchin's themes and the movies included. Themes such as "Elementals," "Movies are for the Birds," "I Can't Even Kill Myself," and "Where am I going and why am I in this handbasket?" were fantastic. I also like Ray Milland as "Star of the Month."


My vote goes to Kingrat. They programmed more films that I'm interested in.


AudreyForever -- I really liked your "Forgotten Couple." That was interesting. I also liked your Barbara Stanwyck Birthday Salute, Joel McCrea as "Star of the Month," and Connie Bennett flicks.


rdmtimp -- I loved your "Mark Robson" spotlight. Time Bandits definitely plays with me. I also liked "Written (but not directed) by Preston Sturges."


LonesomePolecat -- "Snoopy Come Home" just about got you my vote. Awesome. I thought your "Andy Griffith" theme was imaginative.


CountessDeLave -- Ooooooooh, Diary of a Lost Girl! Sensational. And then you drop Coffy on us, too. The block of programming that was very "me" was your "Prince Aly Khan 100th Birthday Salute." That was good.


Fedya -- You're hilarious. Absolutely hilarious. To take the "Henny Penny" advertising cry on this board and program a schedule around classic commercials AND infomercials? Priceless. But wait! There's more! I died laughing over the programming of Sorry, Wrong Number with "e-Harmony" night. And then to see Kiss of Death with Hoveround? Unreal. I loved clicking on your surprise YouTube links. The Cordoba ran me over. There's nobody on this board with your kind of wacky sense of humor. Ahhhh, refreshing.






Congrats to all!

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I want to congratulate all the participants for giving us another great challenge. Also to "Movieman" Chis for a fine job of moderating.


As usual, it was a tough choice, probably the closest one yet for me. I am sending in my vote now.


I really appreciate all of the hard work that goes into making these schedules.


Again, great job all of you!

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> {quote:title=movieman1957 wrote:}{quote}

> I had suspected that English was not your native language. You write it beautifully. You have every reason to be proud of your ability and accomplishments.


Your words are very kind. I wish I knew how to make smiley curtsey.


I came to know a few words in English when very young by watching American movies. I learned much more and to speak it in last three years of school. The teacher was very very British. I still have his accent. :) I did not begin to learn to read English until I was twenty-two. I spoke and read very little of it after I changed work. That was very many years ago.


I only began to write English when Capuchin asked me to come to America. It is requirement for citizenship. I am very fortunate he has many books on rules and usage. He also is very good teacher. He knows many ways to make it seem I am better than I am.


I think I have learned much even since coming to this forum. There is still very much more for me to learn. I am so very glad everyone has been so patient with me. I thank all of you for being so understanding.


I wish also to thank you again for running a great challenge. I am sure it takes as much work as making a schedule and you do not even have pleasure of seeing how much people enjoy your ideas.

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Chris, I forgot to thank you personally for the great job you did

as host. Sometimes I let the negativity here blind me to the reason

I can't leave this place: people like you. You're a real mensch. :)

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movieman - I was always a procrastinator, and nothing's changed. I know why I wait til the last minute - it's too hard to decide! I just got through reading each and every schedule - we have such a talented, entertaining group here! Thanks to you for hosting and to everyone who participated. I bow to you all. I will be sending in my vote by midnight PST.

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There are parts of this that are time consuming. Copying all the schedules and getting them the way people wanted to show them, with underlining or in bold type, etc. can be tiring, at least the only way I knew how it was. But once it is out and ready for others to read and consider it is a good feeling.


Though I hosted I had the pleasure of having people enjoy and vote for my schedule in the las contest. That is how I got to host this one.




Thank you for the compliment. You would be better at this than you know. Maybe someday. Thanks.

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I'll have some comments after ward but here are the final totals of the 16th Programming Challenge.


The winner is *COUNTESSDELAVE*


Countessdelave - 11

Sansfin - 3

Fedya -3

Audreyforever - 2

Rdmtimp - 2

Lonesomepolecat - 2

Capuchin - 1

Kingrat - 1


I am very happy with the way this turned out. Save for a few people who had planned on participating and couldn't we received wonderful schedules from everyone. I am not sure (and I am not really inclined to check) but I don't think anyone has won by the margin "countessdelave"did. With all the fine schedules it is all the more amazing they won by that count.


I am very glad everyone got a vote. Several of you are first timers and you are to be congratulated for putting up a schedule. They are hard work. Just completing it should be a reward. That someone liked it above all others is something to give you confidence for the next one. I thank you for taking the time and making the effort to "play."


Thanks to all who voted. That you also made comments to congratulate and encourage those who you didn't vote for should also be of great encouragement for them.


I appreciate the thoughts of those who wrote to me. Twice now my fear was not enough schedules and not enough votes. I'm glad that was not the case.


Countessdelave, you will now get to decide when and how the next challenge will be held. Good luck to you. If I can be of service just say the word.

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Hi Sansfin,


Related to the nursery rhymes: there is the Russ Tamblyn film TOM THUMB and the Laurence Harvey picture THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF THE BROTHERS GRIMM,' but of course that's more fairy tales. It was an interesting idea. I suppose you could've found animated or direct-to-video films that were retellings of actual nursery rhymes...there were many ways you could've gone with it.


With regards to character actors, I think it's important to pick films that truly spotlight the performer's talent. A basic cameo or extended cameo doesn't do justice for some of them. Now if it were a theme, like Spring Byington playing Mickey Rooney's mother in a series of films that would be a bit stronger and interesting.

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Kudos to you, Countess!


I had quite the time trying to decide who to cast my ballot for as all the schedules were filled with imagination and creativity.


I applaud everyone who took part in this Challenge, especially the newbies. I know it can be a daunting experience getting the first one under your belt and I do hope everyone who participated this time will return for the next one.


I think Path would be very proud that his idea is soon to turn 17 and still going strong. As one of the veterans of these Challenges, I feel like a torch has been passed to all of you, the next generation of participants.


Kudos to Movieman1957 for doing a great job of moderating and keeping the Challenge on track!


But most of all, kudos to all the participants for all their time, their creativity and their love of movies!

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Hi filmlover,


There are several points I could probably address in your last post to me, but I am going to focus on one, because it matters to me for a variety of reasons.


I know that you guys have made your own rules and that's fine, but I have seen occasions where the 'real' TCM programmers schedule in made-for-TV productions...example being the two TV show episodes they used in November that featured Grace Kelly in some early anthology series. Obviously she has a limited filmography but those TV shows do have historical value.


Many of our beloved classic film stars kept cranking out 'movies' in the 60s, 70s and 80s that were of the same quality as their previous work, but because distribution had changed so much, many of these were aired on television instead of being first-run in theatres. Personally I would like to see TCM show more of these TV-movies (again for historical reasons and for entertainment value). Kate Hepburn made some wonderful TV movies in the 80s on par with anything she did earlier in her career. Ann Sothern, Barbara Stanwyck and Bette Davis kept cranking out solid made-for-TV drama well into their twilight years. In a perfect world, these TV films and miniseries would be mixed in with theatrical releases if they are of high quality and stature.

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*Countess - Best wishes for your new hosting duties. I was laughing out loud at some of the entries last* *night.* congratulations%20clip%20art.jpg *You guys are the best.* *Thanks for adding to the variety and flavor of the Boards.*


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:x Countessdelave, Queen of the Programming Challenge??? ALL HAIL THE QUEEN!!! :x


Congratulations to you. Wonderful schedule. Everyone knows it is much MUCH harder to create than to critique. Critique takes no effort or skill at all.


Can't wait to see what you will come up with as a theme. It'll be a doozy. You might make me want to jump into the waters again.


Congratulations on winning this 16th Programming Challenge.

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