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I've been away most of the last week (and thus wasn't able to get a vote in) but I want to congratulate the Countess on her win. Looking forward to what she comes up with for the next one.


Also - much gratitude for the comments on my maiden voyage into programming. It's great to see the feedback from all of you. Special thanks to Lonesome Polecat and whoever else voted for me (presumably by PM). You defintely made my day!

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I can?t believe I won this Challenge! Thank you all for your votes, your positive feedback and your congratulations. I loved all of the schedules and I?m very flattered and honored to be able to host the next one. Hmm, my thinking cap is already on for the next Challenge.


A special thank you to Movieman, who did such a swell job of hosting this one. I do hope that you?ll enter the 17th TCM Programming Challenge.

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Congratulations, Countess! Bravo to you!


You all did a spectacular job, and have more imagination in the tips of your little fingers than most of us have in our whole bodies. :D


I can't wait for the next round!


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I believe this is the surprise that movieman was talking about...though it likely doesn't come as a surprise for long-time participants.


After each Challenge is done, I like to do up a series of faux Now Playing covers based on the schedules, just something so the participants can imagine what it would be like if they really did get to be the TCM Programmer. Hope you like them:


Kingrat's schedule:





rdmtimp's schedule:





LonesomePolecat's schedule:





Capuchin's schedule:





audreyforever's schedule:





fedya's schedule:





countessdelave's schedule:





sansfin's schedule:



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Wonderful "Surprise" filmlover! These covers are so great with the schedules. Thanks again for all your hard work, and congratulations to Countess De Lave! And all the other hardworking participants:

sansfin, fedya, rdtimp, kingrat, lonesome polecat, audreyforever, and capuchin.

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Just a few comments. countessdelave choice of *KID BOOTS (1926)* is a great one and a very unexpected selection. Unfortunately, it isn't likely to happen. TCM hasn't run Cantor's *WHOOPEE (United Artists,1930)* I don't think, let along KID BOOTS, which is held hostage by Paramount. Though I would love to see these on TCM. Anything with Clara Bow that TCM hasn't run which is most of her surviving films, would be welcome. Billie Dove too. Anyway, Kudos to her on the Win!



rdmtimp's suggested:


1:15 *The Glimpses of the Moon (1923)* Bebe Daniels, Nita Naldi. Dir: Alan Dwan. Paramount. BW-70 min.


You got me here. I don't even know if this one still exits or not? I sure hope that it does. Would be wonderful to see that sometime.





If it's gonna be a Buster Keaton, please pick something TCM has never shown before. Namely *SEVEN CHANCES (1925)* easily my favorite Keaton feature.


Please note I lost the name, but whoever selected *SUNRISE (1927),* this film Starrs Janet Gaynor and George O'Brien, not Charles Farrell. That being said I still waiting for TCM to Premier *SEVENTH HEAVEN* and *STREET ANGEL.*




Capuchin's Schedule and Notes


12:15pm The Black Bird (1926) Lon Chaney, dir: Tod Browning, MGM, 70, p/s


Thanks for picking Chaney's *THE BLACKBIRD*. I had a hand on getting this to premier on the American TCM for the first time two years ago.


Amazing work by everyone who entered this year. I thought about entering this time, but never seemed to get around to doing so.

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Filmlover, what great and fabulous covers! Ricardo Montalban wins the prize, I think. What a great picture.


gig---Seven Chances was too short to fit in the slot. That's always how it is--time is the king. And in this case I wanted to schedule my favorite Keaton film. :D


And congrats to The Countess. Lamour, Lamour, tojours lamour! Excited to see what exciting challenge you bring to us next time. You deserved to win, of course.


Edited by: LonesomePolecat on Jun 22, 2010 2:38 AM

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Expect the 17th Programming Challenge to start mid October to early November. I hope that we'll have some new participants and Movieman to add to the mix of those who entered fabulous schedules for this Challenge (as well as those who've entered their fine schedules in past Challenges). Have a great Summer and see you in the Fall!

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