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A Lyrical Game

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  • 1 year later...

wow! so it's been a year since i've posted on this and i thought if anyone still checks it, it would be fun to start it up again soooo here it goes


You're every thought

You're every thing

You're every song i ever sing

Summer, winter, autumn, and spring

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The song is "All I Do is Dream of You", by Arthur Freed and Nacio Herb Brown; it was actually used in several MGM movies, including Singin' in the Rain and The Affairs of Dobie Gillis. However in the latter it's almost the theme of the movie, playing during the opening credits and several times during the film.


All I do is dream of you

The whole night through

With the dawn, I still go on

And dream of you

You're every thought

You're everything

You're every song I ever sing

Summer, winter, autumn and spring.


And were there more

Than twenty-four hours a day,

They'd be spent in sweet content

Dreamin' away


When skies are gray

When skies are blue

Morning, noon and nighttime too

All I do the whole day through

Is dream of you

All I do the whole day throughIs dream of you.


It's cat's meow!


All I do the whole day through

Is dream of you!

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> Alright here's another one -


> Anywhere you wander, anywhere you go

> Every day remember how I love you so

> In your heart believe what in my heart I know

> That forevermore I'll wait for you


Don't remember the name of the song - but isn't it from "Hans Christian Andersen"?



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"All I Do is Dream of You" was introduced by Gene Raymond in "Sadie McKee" (1934). Joan Crawford is on the receiving end of the song. One of my favoirte renditions of the song is from "The Affairs of Dobie Gillis" I saw this on TCM for the first time a couple of months ago and thought Bobby Van, Debbie Reynolds, Bob Fosse, and Barbara Ruick were all funny, adorable, charming, and wonderful. There is also some sort of French version of the song played on a record for comic effect af few times in "Broadway Melody of 1936". Of course, most people would know the song from "SIngin' In the Rain", with Debbie popping out of the cake.

Great, tuneful, memorable song it is.

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If a lady meets a gentleman

As they did in days colonial

And the lady and the gentleman

Have intentions matrimonial

If they must be together

Every morning, noon and night

There's the good old Southern customs

That make everything alright.

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