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Ultimate Movie Trivia

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Was it Grant Withers? The two supporting actors were James Cagney and Joan Blondell and the movies were Sinners Holiday (which aired last night) and Other Men's Women. Watching both those movies, you can see that Cagney grabs the screen effortlessly and does Blondell. Withers' performance was kind of hokey -- looking at from our perspective.



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This novelist can be compared to playwright William Inge in that both of them wrote about small-town rural life in the region where they were born.


This novelist's first novel was made into a movie that was presented at the Cannes Film Festival in the 60's. The film was a drama, but it's director was extremely famous for directing in another genre.



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Here we're looking for a famous novelist whose first novel was made into a MGM movie in the 1950's. The novelist resembles William Inge, in that, he wrote primarily about small-town life from his place of birth.


The MGM director of the film was an Oscar winner who was famous for directing another genre of film.


Hint: the Film's star is in the AFI's Top 25 Film Legends list, although he never won the Oscar.


Does anybody know what I'm talking about???

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I think I got it --


Movie is Home from the Hill

Robert Mitchum is the star -- and he never won an Oscar

Vincente Minnelli is the director -- he won Oscars directing musicals

William Humprey is the writer of the novel


Sorry but I like Minnelli's musicals and comedies best.

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Fan of Cary--Hello!


Cary is my favorite movie star too!


Of course, we all love the MGM musicals--but with *Home From the Hill*, Minnelli proved he was a great dramatic director as well!


Cary, it's all yours!

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This Hollywood director started in Europe. He even brought one of his French stars over and directed him in a big budget film. The director worked at many studios, but got his American reputation at Warners, where he married one of their leading ladies.


Hint: He was very successful directing female movie stars--a number of them were nominated under his direction, 2 won the Oscar.

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Curtiz is not my answer; but if you fill in all the slots with his credits, then it can be the correct answer.--


French actor

movie in France and Hollywood with French actor



actresses in Oscar roles-- as Yul said in The King & I, etc, etc


Hint: This director's wife was a rival of one of the director's Academy-nominated actresses.


Edited by: cujas on Sep 3, 2011 6:07 PM

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Haven't given up on this on yet--


--This film director was from Europe


--He brought his French star to Hollywood and they made a classic 40's period piece


--His wife was a big studio actress


--This director was famous for bringing Academy Award Nominated and Winning performances out in Hollywood Movie Star Actresses


Hint: He's not French.

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