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> {quote:title=mr6666 wrote:

> }{quote}how about a hint for my guess??

Hints aren't easy to think of for this question.

But I'll try to come up with some...


The thing all these performers have in common (for this question) involves comedy films.


And none of these folks actually appear in the films in question.

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> {quote:title=finance wrote:

> }{quote}Did they all work with a certain actor or actress?

No, not physically in films, but the thing they all have in common does involve a certain set of actors.


More clues to come as needed (if I can think of any) but sometimes I do want to let the question sit a day or 2 or 3 before adding more clues, to give everyone a chance to see the question and try to guess (assuming that there are a lot of people looking at these posts and trying to guess) (or are there actually only the couple of you who are posting guesses?)

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> {quote:title=MilesArcher wrote:

> }{quote}Were they portrayed by, or impersonated by other actors and actresses in movies?

No...and not on postage stamps either.


Okay, another clue:

I said that the films they are connected to are comedies. Now I'll state that they're comedy shorts.

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> {quote:title=musicalnovelty wrote:}{quote}


> I'll try to add another clue later or tomorrow.


> But it's looking like this may be one where if you know it, you know it. And if not, no amount of clues will help short of eventually just giving the answer.

I won't be posting again till Monday the 30th.

So everybody keep on ponderin' this one!

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Just bumpin' the question so it'll be easier to find:


Name something that all of the following performers have in common:


Max Baer

John Barrymore

Eddy Duchin

Clark Gable

Harry James

Al Jolson

Danny Kaye

Hedy Lamarr

Dorothy Lamour

Kim Novak

Elvis Presley

Dinah Shore

Red Skelton

Robert Taylor

The Three Stooges

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> {quote:title=lavenderblue19 wrote:

> }{quote}Were they all mentioned or referred to in the 3 Stooges shorts?


> This question is now on 2 pages. Maybe a recap by you of your clues would be helpful...



No need to recap the clues...YOU GOT IT!

Answer is: All of those performers were referred to by name in Three Stooges shorts.


As follows:

Max Baer - mentioned in Three Stooges short THREE LOAN WOLVES (1946) by Larry.

John Barrymore - mentioned in MOVIE MANIACS (1935) by Curly.

Eddy Duchin - mentioned in SPACE SHIP SAPPY (1957) by Joe Besser.

Clark Gable - mentioned in MOVIE MANIACS (1935) by Moe and Curly.

Harry James - mentioned in BOOBY DUPES (1944) by Moe.

Al Jolson - mentioned in SQUAREHEADS OF THE ROUND TABLE (1947) by Larry.

Danny Kaye - mentioned in GENTS WITHOUT CENTS (1944) by all Three Stooges in a song they sing.

Hedy Lamarr - mentioned in I'LL NEVER HEIL AGAIN (1941) by Larry.

Dorothy Lamour - mentioned in I'LL NEVER HEIL AGAIN (1941) by Curly.

Kim Novak - mentioned in HOOFS AND GOOFS (1957) by a talking horse.

Elvis Presley - mentioned in SPACE SHIP SAPPY (1957) by Larry.

Dinah Shore - mentioned in STONE AGE ROMEOS (1955) by Larry.

Red Skelton - mentioned in THE GHOST TALKS (1949) by Shemp.

Robert Taylor - mentioned in THREE MISSING LINKS (1938) by Curly.

The Three Stooges - mentioned in CRASH GOES THE HASH (1944) by Bud Jamison.

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