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Variaion on a theme here. Find A Star from Another Galaxie in a Film.

1970s movie. A spoof on uh, Organized Crime themes. an authentic, serious career newscaster, using his own name and identity, gave on-camera news casts on the story, while actually functioning as narrator for the story line. One of his early comments:


"_________ has been recognized as "Big Daddy" in the Mafia's Brooklyn Family ever since his best friend choked on a bullet while dining with him."


Film? Other-wordly guest star?

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Yea, Sixes!, at about 220 Views. Good comedy, raunchy as hell, filmed parallel to *The Godfather* in timing and release.


I had occasion to cross paths briefly with Mr. Vanocur when he came to my campus to give a talk as part of the "Cultural Affairs" program. It was my job to meet him at the auditorium, arrange for lights down in the House and up on the Stage when his talk started; reverse that process when that was over. His subject matter was the Rep. and Dem. conventions of the preceding year.


mr6666's thread.

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Two very popular foreign-born actors are seen in this 1969 action film, that was shot in three different languages, French, English, and Italian. At the time of the making of the film, one was older and had been an actor since 1928 and the younger was an in-demand actor that the ladies liked and who had been a major star since making two well-respected 1960 foreign films. Name the 1969 action film and the two lead actors.

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