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Ultimate Movie Trivia


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As usual the site will not let me post as lavender, sorry if anybody is confused by the switching back and forth of monikers BUT it's the site, not my choice.


Let Kid Dab have the thread, Arlene Francis is probably what he meant, I'm probably a little older than he is and he doesn't remember Arlene Francis on What's My Line.


Kid, the thread is yours.

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Helen Hayes agreed to play this part, but when filming was postponed, she had other commitments. Shirley Booth was asked and saw the original film that this remake was based on, and felt she could not equal the first actress' performance and politely declined. Name the film, the role in question, and the actress who ultimately took the role.

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Depends. Do you have categories?


That claim was held for a long time by Hitchcock's *Notorious* (1941). Bergman and Grant.


Now there is a challenger. 2010's *Elena Undone* now makes that claim for a, uh, single-gender smooch involving two actresses -- one Necar Zadegan and one Traci Dinwiddie.


Is either one of these the one you had in mind?

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In the 1941 film *You're in the Army Now*, Regis Toomey and Jane Wyman

found that military life was not quite as restrictive as may have been thought

when they locked lips for three minutes and five seconds, officially the longest

screen kiss ever.


Thank you, flashback. As for *Elena Undone*, I'm sticking with pre 50's films.

*Notorious* is a contender but not the one I had in mind.


..allaboutlana, you got it. Thread is yours.

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Name the Frank Capra film in which the actors were allowed to ad-lib their scenes and most of their additional dialogue was kept in the film. (Hopefully there is only one answer to this.) And, name two actors of the film, who were particularly good at ad-libbing and did most of it. One little hint to help: one scene in which this occured happened on a staircase.

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