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Ultimate Movie Trivia

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Thanks, Kid. That thread about "know this song" is awaiting a response, so I'll use this thread with a more general title for a musical identification. A-one, a-two and...


♫ There's a lot to be said for the Fuhrer,

Why, I hardly know where to begin.

For our pride in Aryan purity,


Thank Berlin ♪

♫ All the bold youthful steps he is taking

Make you feel that something special's in the air.

What has got to be said for the Fuhrer is --

Who else would ever dare? ♪


♫ There's a lot to be said for the Nazis

They are bringing the Press into line..

They have modernized the Cinema

The Radio,

And the Rhine.♪

♫ It's a simply spectacular party,

And the failure to attempt would be a crime...

There's a lot to be said for the Nazis,

And..I..hope..that..it's..said..in time. ♪



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In the movie "It's Love I'm After," a lead character says the line "Who's ____ _____?" when someone else mentions a Hollywood star of the time. Two years later the person who says that line will be co-starring in a movie along with the person in the quote.


Who says the line, what star is mentioned in the line, and in what movie will they be starring two years after this film?

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The final title of this film was selected by M-G-M after a nation-wide contest was

advertised on the studio's radio program to determine who could select the best title.

The prize, $5,000, was awarded to a Greenville, SC high school student; in addition

to the prize money, this student was also a specially invited guest at the film's world

premiere, which was held in his hometown.
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In Burt Reynolds autobiography, he mentioned that in his early days in Hollywood 2,000 aspiring actors want to be Marlon Brando and 1,000 want to be James Dean, but there was only one who wanted to be like David Niven. Which actor was he referring to ?

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Absolutely Correct, Hibi- :) Donna Reed, although a Conservative Republican she was an anti-nuclear activist, anti Vietman War activst and she co-founded a group named Another Mother For Peace. What a fascinating, beautiful and talented woman she was. Thanks, Hibi- it's your thread. ;)

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I'll stay with Donna. Donna appeared in a film based on work by a noted author. But her character did not appear in the novel. What was the movie and character?


Edited by: Hibi on Jan 24, 2013 2:51 PM

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