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Name the pre-1970 film

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9 hours ago, starliteyes said:

That Touch of Mink?

Yes, Doris and Cary in that Touch of Mink. Good work Star, it's your turn ( glad that you're still playing this thread!) :) Too bad that no one is playing some of our other favorites that take some thought and film knowledge instead of the endless lists threads on the bds!!!


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45 minutes ago, Arsan404 said:

James Cagney in One, Two, Three? He hated working with Horst Buchholz.

That is correct, Arsan.  He couldn't stand Horst Buchholz and didn't really enjoy making the movie.  In fact, he decided to retire after making it.

Your thread.

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3 hours ago, lavenderblue19 said:

Bwana Devil- Robert Stack and Barbara Britton??? ( I think there were a few films based on this story)

That's the movie I had in mind, as opposed to Ghost and the Darkness, which is post-1970s. I am not familiar with other movies with the same subject, sorry to say.

Good work, lavenderblue.

Your turn.

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The young man that lied about the woman was part of a gang of thieves. The leader of the gang is in love with the woman, ( different man that rescues her from hanging, he's also in love with her) that's why the other woman was jealous because she's in love with the leader of the gang,

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Same to you,  lavender!  You're right - Johnny Guitar is a nutty movie, and I like it, too.

Next (This might be an easy one.):

The male star of this movie disliked the female star's husband so much that he had him banned from the studio.

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