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Name the pre-1970 film


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On 4/12/2020 at 11:35 AM, starliteyes said:

Same to you,  lavender!  You're right - Johnny Guitar is a nutty movie, and I like it, too.

Next (This might be an easy one.):

The male star of this movie disliked the female star's husband so much that he had him banned from the studio.

 Young At Heart - Frank Sinatra hated Martin Melcher, he was Doris' Day's husband.

Frank and Ethel Barrymore  both won Oscars before this film, Dorothy Malone and Gig Young both won Oscars after this film. Frank for From Here To Eternity, Ethel for Pinky, Dorothy for Written On The Wind and Gig Young for They Shoot Horses Don't They?

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Thanks Star

It's been written many times that the director and the co-star of this famous  film were having an affair. Nothing unusual about that except that she was a teen and he was 28 years older than she was. The film was nominated for 3 Oscars. film, director and the female co-star ????

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14 hours ago, starliteyes said:

I think I finally have it - The Unsuspected?

Yes, The Unsuspected. Claude Rains, Joan Caulfield, Audrey Totter, Constance Bennett, Hurd Hatfield. This one has been a favorite of mine for years. This a such a good noir that is shown on TCM every now and then. Your turn Star :)


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Thanks, Starlit.

Now, there was another movie with a desert setting.  This time, it's a gas station with a lunch counter and motel cabins.  The whole place is run by two sisters.  In the course of one day several strange characters stop by, including two recent divorcees with some very valuable jewels, as well as two crooks on the lam.  One of the crooks is a former boyfriend of one of the sisters.  He has a notion about robbing the divorcees of their jewelry.

Can you name this movie?

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Yes, it's "Heat Lightning" from 1934.  It stars Aline MacMahon and Ann Dvorak as the sisters and Preston Foster as the former boyfriend of Aline MacMahon.   Lyle Talbot is the other crook and Glenda Farrell and Ruth Donnelly are the divorcees.  Nice work, Starlit.  The thread is now yours.

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