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Name the pre-1970 film

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At almost 100 Views, plot-point questions are not working well for this title, sooo...


6. The actor playing one of the characters here (the German who spoke good American) had started his career using his birth name. Some nine years before this film, he started using a screen name, taking the name of one of the characters he had played. Later in life, he took home an Oscar under this new name.

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Cast Role call: "Sheriff Stan Blan" and "Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane" have roles in this film. And I thought I gave it away with the last clue -- about the performer who took the name of a character he had played as his professional name. Hint: it was _not_ L.Q. Jones.

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It's 1951's *Target Unknown* . One of the prisoners manages an escape and, through the French Underground, gets a message to the Allies that the city -- the site of huge fuel storage -- has been identified as the most likely target. Gas trucks are hauling the fuel away, and antiaircraft guns are being set up to wait for the raid. I.E, the Allies are successful.


Open thread. I'll try another one, a better choice, if no one else logs on with a title.


(The "role call" clues I left were meant to lead to Mark Stevens, Alex Nicol, and James Best. The broadest clue was in reference to Gig Young, who started his career with another name, but then took the name of the character he had portrayed in *The Gay Sisters* .)


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The police dept. researches petty gun thieves.


The rookie goes undercover to try to buy the gun.


Unfortunately a crime wave breaks out with someone who has the stolen gun.

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Thanks, Sixes. I looked around for this one, which I saw when very young. I am staying with the general theme of WW II counterintelligence, and I believe this to be a more popular film.


1950s issue. Netherlands area of operations. Three popular American stars portray Dutch citizens involved in the anti-Nazi underground. Opening involves a man in a donkey cart, on a city street. As the cart progresses, he is tapping out a code, with his booted foot, with a device on the floor of the cart.

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