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Name the pre-1970 film


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Yes. that was the 1936 version from Universal Studios. That number was not included in the MGM remake in 1951. As hard as it might be to imagine Irene Dunne in blackface in a minstrel show, it would be even harder to imagine Katherine Grayson doing it. Well, you're hot today, mudskipper. It's your turn again.

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...Holding Sixes' place until he gets back:

Late 1960s. A woman writer, with a string of successful sex novels behind her has decided to stop writing. Publishers send a male writer to France to finish her last book. Sidline: He smuggles the workings for some Swiss watches _into_ France. There's a homicide. Police _and_ Badguys trying to track them down.


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Another writer, previously sent on the book project, is a women, a stunning redhead. Seems that, when younger, she mastered martial arts to be able to defend aganist men. Then she found out she _likes_ men. But she is helpful when those interested in the smuggling project catch up with them. Tall and leggy, she is hilarious in the way she daintily lifts the hem of her miniskirt to deliver a high kick to a Badguy's chin.


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