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Unlisted Short Aired Today


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> {quote:title=RaquelVixen wrote:

> }{quote}musicalnovelty,


> Do you DVR the entire day's programming or a good portion of it? I am curious how you are able to determine at any time of the day when an unlisted short is aired. I have to stay up and watch the programming to catch an unlisted short. Thanks.



Regarding determining when an unlisted short may be aired, are you asking how can we tell if a short is likely to be shown? We need to check the running times of the movies on TCM and see if they end short of the full time slot and if there's time left to fill. Then tune in and see if they run a short as a filler.

Any time there's ten minutes or more between movies, it's likely they'll run a short.

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Wednesday, 31 October 2012:

10:46am, ET – *The King of the Duplicators* (MGM makeup chief Bill Tuttle) – after House of Dark Shadows

12:51pm – *On Location With Westworld* – after Repulsion

2:18pm – *All Eyes On Sharon Tate* ( promo for Eye of the Devil ) after Dementia 13

9:22pm – *Believe It Or Not #3* – after Frankenstein

Edited by: FredMertz on Oct 31, 2012 at 2:07pm, 2:22pm, and 9:24pm.

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Between the last feature on the October schedule, The Invisible Man, and the first feature on the November schedule, Tension at Table Rock, and not listed on any schedule:

*The Man on the Rock* (1938), a Carey Wilson miniature about Napoleon faking his own death.


Just for the record, the promotional short for Made in Paris is titled *From Paris: Your Reporter Richard Crenna*, which is how it gets listed on TCM's schedule in better times. (I choose to believe that the team responsible for adding shorts to the online schedules has volunteered for sandbag duty somewhere.)



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> {quote:title=FredMertz wrote:}{quote}Thursday, 1 November 2012:

> 7:48pmET -- *Challenge the Wilderness* ( promo for Westward the Women )-- after The Last Challenge

Actually, this short and subsequent ones through Saturday are listed on the weekly schedule. I signed on earlier this afternoon and they were displayed. You may want to check the weekly schedule.

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> {quote:title=FredMertz wrote:}{quote}

> If you check today's daily and weekly schedules, you'll see that all the shorts that yesterday had been listed through Thursday morning are GONE AGAIN!!! Thanks alot, TCM. Fortunately, I set up my viewing schedule before they disappeared.




I'm still seeing shorts listed on the daily schedule through Wednesday, Nov. 7.

But not for the three long schedule gaps today, the 4th. As noted, they just ran CINEMA CIRCUS after STAGE DOOR. Was there a short earlier today after IN NAME ONLY? There was over 20 minutes open before the next movie, but I didn't get to see if they ran a short.

There's also time for a two-reel short tonight at about 11:36 P.M. I will not be able to check then, so I hope one of our reliable team can report if and what they show.



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Earlier today, after In Name Only, *What Price Jazz* aired.


My Comcast onscreen schedule still has several shorts listed (all times Eastern):

11:46pm -- *Rambling 'Round Radio Row*


Monday, 5 November:

2:21am -- *The Making of Cannery Row*

8:15am -- *London Can Take It*


Tuesday, 6 November:

2:01am -- *Sport Slants*

3:46am -- *Spencer Tracy* bio [probably Hollywood Hist-o-Rama|http://forums.tcm.com/]

10:49am -- *Wrong Way Butch*


Wednesday, 7 November

12:18am -- *Constance Bennett Presents Her Daily Beauty Ritual*

1:53am -- *Gus Arnheim and His Ambassadors*


Edited 5 November, 8:29am:

*All the shorts are back in the schedule this morning!*

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Unlisted short on TCM Friday moning, January 18, 2013, at about 5:40 A.M. (eastern), after FINGERS AT THE WINDOW -


COME TO DINNER (1933) - Vitaphone.


There's time later on Jan. 18 for another possible short to be shown (as of now, unlisted on the schedule) at about 7:37 P.M. (eastern) after the feature MONKEY BUSINESS.


Edited by: musicalnovelty on Jan 18, 2013 5:14 PM to add that the schedule has just been updated to include the short that will follow MONKEY BUSINESS (1952). It will be the Charley Chase short MANHATTAN MONKEY BUSINESS (1935).

The updated schedule also includes some Vitaphone shorts that will be shown between some of the Laurel & Hardy shorts on Friday night where there were gaps of 20 minutes or more.

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I saw those shorts on Friday evening only to miss the schedule when I logged in today. I wished TCM includes the shorts in their Now Playing publication which is a good reason to subscribe but,I have not because of this omission. When you or anyone had seen a short or play to see one make sure to write a diary of the title of that short to research in the future. Or I would copy the day's schedule.

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Unlisted short on early Wednesday morning, Feb. 20 at about 3:40 A.M. after THE SMILING LIEUTENANT:




**** FOR TAT (1935) starring Laurel & Hardy.


Edited by: musicalnovelty on Feb 20, 2013 5:23 AM to add:

Well, it was unlisted on the daily schedule. Just checked the weekly schedule and there it was!

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