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Unlisted Short Aired Today

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Latest additions to fill out the weekend:


Sunday, November 20:

9:01am ET – *Glimpses of Old England* (FitzPatrick Traveltalk) – after Fire Over England

2:41pm ET – *The Lion Roars Again* – after A Millionaire For Christy

9:49pm ET – *Let’s Talk Turkey* (Pete Smith Specialty) – after Plymouth Adventure


Monday, November 21:

2:04am ET – *What’s Your I.Q.? No. Two* (Pete Smith Specialty) – after What Price Glory (Note: I've never seen the first *What's Your I.Q.?* aired on TCM)

5:47am ET – *The Rock* (promo for Point Blank) – after Bob & Carol & Ted &Alice


To Casa Cinema:


*Land of the Ugly Duckling* aired at least once many many moons ago, so long ago that I have it on one of my earliest videocassettes. As for why TCM can't be consistent about adding short subjects to the schedule, a lot of us have been wondering about that ever since I started this thread.



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As of this morning, shorts are back in the schedule, with listings through the whole week. Of course there's no telling how long this will last. And they will probably still omit the same few titles that have been left out since last summer (Grandad of Races, Desert Killer, Beauty And the Bull, Crashing the Water Barrier).

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Even the flood of shorts recently added to the online schedules has not deterred the phantom programmer from his mission.


Saturday, November 26, 11:41am-noon ET, between The Lone Wolf Meets a Lady and Bomba on Panther Island. *Headline Bands (1946)*. Highlights, such as they were, from earlier musical shorts, including Betty Hutton informing us that old man Mose is dead, although she doesn’t appear to be terribly broken up about his passing. This one has been scheduled and shown in both 2009 and 2010.


Monday, November 28, 1:30-2:00am ET, between The Mysterious Lady and Ivan the Terrible (Part 1). *The Song Writers’ Revue (1930)*. A revue, of song writers, writing songs, and chatting with Jack Benny. New to me.


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I've done enough fretting over Phantom Shorts in recent years that I'll just paraphrase Alfred Hitchcock, "It's only a (short) movie."


This is the text from one my 17 October 2007 posts:


"Today, and over the next several days, there are a number of deviations from the published Now Playing schedules. This, and the omission of interstitial shorts from the online schedule, has prompted me to program my time-shifting devices to record all 1930s and 1940s movies, even those I have recorded in the past, in the event that "phantom shorts" may be shown.


Perhaps this PHANTOM SHORTS thread might get noticed by the powers that be at TCM so that more "official" attention might be given to this genre."



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> {quote:title=Moodri wrote:}{quote}Raquel,


> The New York State Archives Motion Picture Division Film Script Index lists the year 1951 (search page = http://iarchives.nysed.gov/MPD/rr_other_film_search.jsp), and the Complete Index to World Film (http://www.citwf.com/film446115.htm) lists 1952. I tried watching the film, but the copyright date was too fuzzy.


I don't know what year the copyright is but I just can't get MCMLI or MCMLII out of this...and am I imagining this or did the original post from Raquel go away?




Edited by: bbbobbb on Dec 2, 2011 1:49 PM


Edited by: bbbobbb on Dec 2, 2011 1:50 PM


Image code torture...

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I'm not sure whether Raquel's post disappeared or she edited the post directly under my original response.


At any rate, your tinypic image was clear enough for me to read the following:





(Loew's being the parent company of MGM)


so I doubt that it was originally released in the 1930s.



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I'm back with my RaquelVixen account. I've installed a new operating system and was unable to sign on with this name so I created another one and that's the one you responded to. Everything's working fine now.

So it appears TCM was correct with the date on the short. Thank you.

I was wondering if you could tell the year of the short by the one part where they show some cars travelling down a street. I've no facility for detecting the difference between model years of cars from the late 1930s compared to the early 1950s.

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If this is any help, "Glimpses Of Argentina" was released, according to BoxOffice magazine, on December 1, 1951. A couple times I've noticed that some late-in-the-year "rush releases", particularly in the early fifties, received ahead-of-the-time copyright dates on their credits, in this case, 1952. Not sure why exactly, but we can probably make good guesses here. Warner's "Desert Killer", a popular phantom short on TCM, has a copyright of 1953 and did, in fact, receive "wide release" that year, but was shown in time for the '52 Oscars. A few Joe McDoakes released in December also sport Roman numerals of the next year.



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Today's unlisted short aired at 9:40pm, following *Larceny, Inc.*:


*I Never Forget a Face* (orthographically, the onscreen title is *I never forget a face*).


It was nominated for the 1956 Oscar for one-reel short subject, but lost to another phantom short aired often in recent months, *Crashing the Water Barrier.* I don't recall ever seeing it on TCM before.

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Unlisted short on Sunday, December 18:

9:50am ET *–* *Rural Hungary –* a FitzPatrick Traveltalk *–* before *The Shop Around the Corner*, which takes place in Budapest.


Edited to add this unlisted short:

11:56am ET *– Ave Maria - Christmas Greeting* (featuring Mario Lanza) *–* before the TCM documentary *A Night At the Movies: Merry Christmas!*

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