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Do You Know Me? II: 1900 - 1970


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?Technically, I?m not a trained actress. I was an artist by profession, when I was asked to be in a major motion picture because of my name and stature, so to speak. I tried out for one role, but was ultimately cast as another. I am the oldest surviving member of the cast. Because of this exposure, I was asked to make more films, but I declined them all.?


?Do you know me, and my one movie role??

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Yes, it is Alicia Rhett. At 95, she?s the oldest cast member of ?Gone with the Wind.?


If there was ever a time to bring this up and I didn?t even plan on it, it?s now. Which is no big deal; I never even think about it when I watch GWTW. But a sister of mine married into the Rhett family some time ago. He?s a distant relative to Miss Alicia, like some great-great-nephew or some second cousin, twice removed (who knows?) not close at all, but my sister and he have two children, and have been divorced for some time now. Just a footnote. Who cares?


Your turn.

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Thanks. Another GWTW cast member, Fred Crane, who played one of the Tarleton brothers, was only in one other theatrical move. It was a Cisco Kid movie made in the late forties before they did the TV series. He did a few TV shows in the sixties, then retired from acting to run the Tara Resort outside Atlanta. Talk about capitalizing on your fifteen minutes of fame! I happen to have a DVD of that Cisco Kid movie that was in a five dollar bin at Walmart. I had peviously recorded GWTW from TV, so I have the entire film collection of Alicia Rhett and Fred Crane. Now:


I was born in Trinidad and in the forties and fifties I appeared in about a dozen movies and several TV shows, usually playing a calypso singer. Sometimes my parts were unbilled, but when I did get screen credit, you couldn't forget my name. I named myself after a legendary fictional character. Do you know me? I'll give you another clue. I worked in several movies for producer Val Lewton. By the way, I played such minor roles that I wouldn't have even made this thread if it weren't for my unusual name.

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In the Golden Era, I played opposite some of the top actresses in Hollywood.


I even married one of the most glamorous Movie Stars of the '40's.


Despite all this, I never really became a big star myself.


Who Am I?


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When I say glamorous--that's what I really mean. Sheridan's not ugly, and Joan Crawford--is well, Crawford.


Glamour and beauty are definitely in the eyes of the beholder--but I can give you a list of the kind of Movie Star I'm talking about:


Delores Del Rio

Ava Gardner

Lana Turner

Hedy Lamar

Lena Horne

Marilyn Monroe

Veronica Lake

Gene Tierney

Rita Hayworth

Carole Lombard

Vivien Leigh

Anna May Wong



Since both you guys are technically correct--Who wants to guess again with the criteria (correct Movie Star) listed above.


To Whomever tries, goes thy thread-----------------


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