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Do You Know Me? II: 1900 - 1970

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?In this business, and in this superficial world of Hollywood, you have to know yourself and not allow anyone to kick you around. From early on, I thought I knew enough, but my first marriage, he was a loser, that was a lesson in itself. But I always think the best of people. My second husband, God love him, benefited from my wisdom. Having come from Brooklyn, I thought I was one tough customer; I knew you have to have tenacity and persistence to get ahead. I pushed and sold myself wherever I went everyday. I was a telephone operator, among other things, but I knew I wanted more and tried out for dancing jobs. To cut to the chase, I obviously made it to the top. And, what a view! I?ve always considered myself a professional and I demand the same from others. Television, movies, the sweet girl-next-door (but what fun is that?), the good girl with her head on straight, the bad girl with no heart at all, comedies, movies about Christmas, westerns, film noir, and just plain schmaltzy melodrama. No one could ever pin me down. I?ve done it all and seen it all. I?m proud to say I?ve earned a solid reputation in Hollywood as one of the hardest-working and dedicated actresses to have ever hit the screen, giving Bette a run for her money. The academy was kind enough to endow me with a lifetime achievement award. But I kept on acting, and not resting on my laurels, I worked right up to when God had to come and get me.?


?Do you know me??


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I starred in vaudeville, the Ziegfeld Follies, and the stage before my film debut in the '20s. I was a versatile comedian who played leads and supporting roles in many silent and sound features, but was better-known for my comedy shorts, in which I usually played a nervous, henpecked husband in trouble.


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1started out as one half of a vaudeville comedy act, . I made a few shorts in 1916, but went back to vaudeville and the stage immediately thereafter, and did not return to films until the late 1930s

i have a stern, authoritarian look and a booming voice..i play irascible, bombastic politicians and crooked businessmen


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I was born in California. I first became known as a minor film actress in the '40s and continued in films into the '60s without ever becoming close to a star. I added singing to my resume in the mid-fifties and DID become a star in that arena. I had a major hit record to start off my singing career. After both my film and recording careers had cooled, I co-starred in a TV series. My first husband was primarily known for his TV work.


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I messed up, 6's. I'm watching Daisy and in the middle of negotiating a deal on my house and I'm on the bds. looking at posts.I was agreeing with eve's post on Julie London and that commercial came into my head, I was thinking that it was done by sultry Ms. London. forgetting that it was wonderful Edie Adams. Sorry for the confusion.

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