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Do You Know Me? II: 1900 - 1970

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Nope. But hey 'flash, ya almost got it. You could have almost spelled it Drunk enfield. Since this ain't the old Jeopardy (pre Alex) we're gonna let you have it.


I'll take red noses for 1000 Alex


Answer: Who was {size:11px}William Claude Dukenfield




CORRECT FOR $1000 !!!!!



You go

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one mo time


I've starred in 93 feature films. I made 640 recordings,

including more than 300 songs written or co-written by me.

I joined the Army Air Corps in 1942 and became a

Sergeant. During the war, I ferried fuel, ammunition, and

arms in the China-India-Burma theater of war and flew

over the Himalayas, the hazardous air route known as

"The Hump." When the war ended I was reassigned to

Special Services, where I toured with a USO troupe in the

South Pacific before resuming my movie career in 1946.


I carried my love for entertaining and sharp business

sense into broadcasting, where I owned award-winning

radio and television stations in Los Angeles as well as

other stations across the country. My great love for

baseball prompted me to prominence in the field. Not

to brag but I hold the honor of having achieved many

firsts in many fields.


I have to go now. So long.


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You are on the money Miles. Mr. Autry is also the only person to have

all 5 stars on the walk of fame (last I heard). If he were alive today, I'd

vote him in for The President of the United States. Seriously.


your turn

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Thanks. This one will be a bit more obscure. Do you know me? I was never a big star. In fact, I was never big at all. I was a musician with a harmonica band. We appeared in several movies in the thirties and one in the early forties that starred Walter Huston. I went solo in a role in "Trapeze" with Burt Lancaster in the fifties. Most folks know me from several appearances on "The Ed Sullivan Show", where I usually dressed as a cowboy and was somewhat abused by members of my musical group. Do you know me?

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Well, Kid, if you remember Johnny Puleo, then I guess you're not a kid any more. Johnny started with Borah Minevitch and His Harmonica Rascals. They appeared in several movies, including "Always In My Heart" with Walter Huston. They also appeared in "Kid Millions" with Milton Berle in 1937. Many years later Johhny and his Harmonicats worked with Berle on "The Hollywood Palace" TV show. Here is a clip.





OK, Kid, your up next.

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I was born in 1911. During summer vacations in high school, I worked

as a life guard. I was an athlete, student body president, and performed

school plays. I enrolled in college on an athletic scholarship majoring in

economics and sociology. There, I played football, ran track, captained

the swim team, served as student council president and acted in school



In 1937, I signed a seven-year contract with the Warner Brothers movie

studio. Over the next three decades, I appeared in more than 50 films.

In 1940, I married an actress with whom I had 1 daughter and an adopted



During World War II, I was disqualified from combat duty due to poor

eyesight and spent my time in the Army making training films. I left the

military ranked as a captain.


As my film career began to plateau, I landed a job as host of a weekly

television drama series. Part of my responsibility as host was to tour the

United States as a public relations representative for the show's sponsor.


In my later years, I have removed walls to many problems.

Part of my legacy now.


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