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Do You Know Me? II: 1900 - 1970

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I was born in Continental Europe, and began working in publishing. I was discovered in the early '30s by a future famous director, and became a leading stage actor. I appeared in British plays and films, came to the US in the early '40s, and soon became a Hollywood star, playing elegant Continental lovers. In the '50s, I began doubling as a director, and directed a number of films and TV movies. My daughter became a screen actress.


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I'm a southerner and a gentleman but I've become famous for writing and talking about my love affairs. Why? Because my profession as a film director in the Golden Age of Hollywood put me in contact with beautiful movie stars. Can you blaim me if I directed them and then romanced them?


Two were the toughest gal stars around. Nobody pushed them around in Hollywood. And the third was just one of the most captivatingly beautiful movie stars of all time.


If you know me, you should be able to name at least 2 of my lady friends.


Caveat--I've directed some big movies, but I'm probably not on anybody's top director list.

But the stars I directed and romanced were at the top in the 30's and the 40's.

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Yes--I had a heck of a good time listening to Sherman's commentary for "Old Acquaintance". He named every scene-stealing trick that Miriam Hopkins pulled. He said he got the job because the director of *The Old Maid*, Edmund Goulding was too exhausted to take on Davis and Hopkins again.


Fi--it's all yours!

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I was raised in Manhattan's Little Italy, and was a journalism major before being drawn to acting and studying at the Actors Studio. I made my first screen appearance in the mid '50s in a well-known film recently shown on TCM. On TV, I starred in an early '60s adventure series. Often playing ethnic roles, I received one Oscar nomination.


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Here's another hint: The Robert Wise-directed film in which I made my screen debut featured a man playing himself, who was introduced as "the finest piece of steel ever to come out of Gary, Indiana".


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?I?m not tall, dark, and what you might call classically handsome, but I was active in movies and tv from 1930 to 1988 as a character actor. I can be found more times than not in crime dramas and film noir and was paired with another person recently named on the other thread like this in one of them.?


?Do you know me??

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