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Film noir runneth over on the schedule lately


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*Just when you think you can get away from foot problems, they pull you right*

*back in. Not five minutes into Fallen Angel and there's Linda Darnell taking*

*off her shoes and massaging her sore feet. Later in the movie, Dana and Alice*

*hitchhike all the way to San Fran. Yikes, it's almost supernatural*


I think it gives Linda a great intro, as well as establish her character's motivation to settle down. Plus it let's the camera (and our eyes) get a shot of Linda's beautiful legs.


The reason for all this business with hitchhiking, etc. is that Dana's character, unlike some of Linda's other beaus, has no car of his own; definitely a step DOWN for her. It also allows for that GREAT intro, of the titles imposed on the night ride on the road on a bus. Classic.

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Hey Love! Thanks for the great advice about Amazon! I just started working on my collection this past summer, so just getting the hang of things! I have found that often ordering from one of the Marketplace sellers can grab you some great deals! So far, my orders through them have always been what I expected, often faster shipping than orders fulfilled directly by Amazon. And you can find some of the Chan sets for less--not the TCM Spotlight though. I may pull the trigger on that Chan set soon, as I mentioned, I want to support TCM in their putting out those rare Chan flicks, and hopefully they will do more. I understand the quality of the films is impeccable on that set!


As for Noir, yep, the latest Noir set is definitely a good price for the number of films you get, all in great quality, I'm sure, but I got spoiled with commentaries on the other sets, plus those on all of the Gangster sets. That's why I started with Vol 4 of the Noir Collection, because it has 10 films and all with commentaries!


I'll pull the trigger on Vol 5 eventually though for sure!


I do have KC CONFIDENTIAL on a cheapie 100 Mystery set from TreeLine. Those are good, but of course quality varies, though you get a ton of great films for a very, very cheap price. That high quality Amazon has though sounds like a good idea for that price!

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Just an FYI.....


The January schedule is up (Peter Sellers is SOTM - meh), and film noir continues to runneth over on the schedule!!





and Friday, January 14th is John Payne in prime time (wow!!) with 3 noirs:





I think 2011 may be a good year for us!

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I'm sure that nice shot of Linda's legs was well planned. Those opening credits with the now

old-fashioned highway signs certainly gets one in a 1940s mood, along with the wide lapels,

hats, and constant smoking. She did seem to spend a lot of time getting into and out of cars.

I think one of the best shots that indicates how down on his luck Dana is is when he gets a

phone call in the daytime and the shades of his cheap room are drawn and there are holes

in them. That's hitting bottom.

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> {quote:title=finance wrote:}{quote}

> Maybe the TCM programmers are actually reading this thread, and the competitors' thread.


At this point, they have to be. I think they are seeing people's wish lists etc in threads or thorough discussions of films that people have seen that haven't been on TCM. I still think the best approach with this site is starting discussions around suggestions and wish lists versus TCM bashing etc. For all we know, Joel McCrea may get to be SOTM in 2011.


LOL @ the competitors' thread. Thanks to cliques, this message board as a whole is divided.

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> {quote:title=redriver wrote:}{quote}

> Hitchhiking has a time honored place in film noir. Anything can happen. Just watch out for the DETOUR.


There is a song titled Detour. I know my dad sang it in the mid 50s. I sort of remember a bit of the lyrics -


As you go through life you'll find

You better heed that detour sign,

There's a muddy road ahead, detour...


It was written in 1945, same year as the film. I wonder if one inspired the other, and if so, which?

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I plan on watching THE MOB later on this evening.


In other news, I was had! DirecTV had Encore Mysteries showing 1942's THE GLASS KEY at 4:30AM. I recorded it and when I went to play it, it was a Tom Selleck film! What the!!! I guess I have to wait until January when TCM airs it.

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> {quote:title=finance wrote:}{quote}

> It was amusing watching Totter in LADY IN THE LAKE, since most of her dialogue was directed, seemingly, right at the camera, because Montgomery remained unseen in that one-time gimmick.


Yes, it was! Her facial expressions were hilarious. I would love to see what she looks like today. Too bad TCM didn't do a Private Screenings with her...I doubt she'd be interested now!

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That was an interesting interview. Of course you can't always trust the recollections

of these old-time stars, but I'll give her a break. MGM sounds like its theme song

should have been Sixteen Tons. Audrey did play a tramp in Postman, but she was

a pretty hot tramp. I enjoyed her remembrance of Harry Cohn, always the quintessential

gentleman. All in all a nice walk down memory lane.

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