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Film noir runneth over on the schedule lately


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> {quote:title=finance wrote:}{quote}Noirish elements in HOLIDAY AFFAIR? Like what? Mitchum's daughter says the studio put him in this to counter his arrest.



Aha! One more noirish element I didn't know about!


Seriously, I didn't claim the film was a noir, or even a near noir. It isn't. But, all of the actors are noir stars. Mitchum does get a noirish sort of bad break. Even some of the dialog, taken out of context, sounds sort of noirish:


>*Connie Ennis:* Oh, you're always so wrong about me. I have a wonderful memory of a husband and a marriage. You're trying to take it away from me.

>*Steve Mason:* Nobody wants to do that. I know. I'm sure Carl doesn't. All anybody wants is for you to live in the present and not be afraid of the future. You know, maybe it could happen again if you quit pretending that something that's dead is still alive.

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Hey, I haven't been here for ages. I feel like a prodigal son (daughter) returning home after wandering in other lands for - well, for weeks, anyway.


And I don't want this thread to drop to page 2 - it's been around now for a year and a half, and it deserves to stay around another year and a half, anyway. (do you hear me, LoveFilmNoir?)


So what have I got to say? Well, for one thing, I recently became the semi-proud owner of that Columbia noir boxed set that came out last fall.

5 titles:

*The Sniper*

*The Big Heat*

*5 Against the House*

*The Lineup*

*Murder by Contract*


I've seen 'em all by now, but I don't feel up to writing about all five right now. Maybe one at a time.


So...*The Sniper.* I know this has been discussed on this forum before, I think by cigarjoe, on another thread. Not bad, I'd watch it again. In fact, I did watch it again, since I'd already seen it before I got this set. It's very sun-filled and bright, a lot of it, as are most of the other films in the set. Must be a Columbia thing. Also, it's one of those "police procedural" noirs, in which we get an inside look at the policing, legal, and psychological authorities of the time, trying to figure out what makes the killer tick. Kind of a strange little movie, with an almost sympathetic pov for the murderer. Who, of course, is all messed up.

High points:Lots of nice location shots of San Francisco, and a brief but effective scene with Marie Windsor.

Anyway, I liked it, but I just know the noir people who insist that noir movies have to be literally "noir", wouldn't care for it. Not as a "noir", anyway. But we don't need to go there yet again, do we?


Next time: Either *The Big Heat* or *5 Against the House.* I might skip *TBH,* because the poor thing's been discussed to death on these forums. I'll just say it is unquestionably the best film in the collection by far.

That is all. ( for now.)



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