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Recommend some war & war-comedy films (navy).


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Hello everyone, can you recommend some great war and comedy-war films focused on the navy in WWII? I've seen some already but will not bother posting them here, just post anything that you would recommend.




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There are lots of movies about the WWII Navy including some fine British films. I am not good at making lists but a few of my favorites are: Mister Roberts (comedy), Run Silent, Run Deep ( a great sub movie), The Caine Mutiny (a Pulitzer Prize winning book), They Were Expendable (PT boats and John Wayne), Destination Tokyo (sub movie made during the war years with Cary Grant), The Enemy Below (destroyer captain Robert Mitchum hunting enemy sub), Sink The Bismarck (British film done like a documentary), Operation Petticoat (comedy, submarine, and Cary Crant all at once), etc, etc. I am sure others will add to these that I suggest.


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More to consider:

"Action in the North Atlantic" Humphrey Bogart in the Merchant Marine.. A slam bang good one...


"Crash Dive"-Tyrone Power and Dana Andrews in terrific color submarine movie. Powers last before going into Marines in 1943..


"Awat All Boats"-Jeff Chandler- Good Naval WW2 film-Seldom seen..


"Sea Wolves"- Gregory Peck, David Niven and Roger Moore--Not really a Navy pic but takes place on the water, based on a true incident, Older guys take on Nazis..


"Wing and a Prayer"-Don Ameche and Dana Andrews...Slam bang film about a carrier in the Pacific in WW2..


"Don't Go Near the Water"--Glenn Ford, Anne Francis and Mickey Shaughnessy as "Farragut Jones" a sailor who has to make a big speech and every other word out of his mouth is @*. A very funny Navy comedy....

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"Don't Give Up the Ship"-Jerry Lewis

"You're in the Navy Now"-Gary Cooper and Eddie Albert

"Wake Me When It's Over"-Ernie Kovacs and Don Knotts


Even though they don't involve the Navy, I'd recommend "Decision Before Dawn", "13 Rue Madeleine" and "The Steel Helmet"(Korean War) as some of the best war films.

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I can think of quite a few navy-war films, here's a partial list - some of which were already mentioned in previous pots


Comedy Navy films set in WWII:


The Wackiest Ship in the Army (despite the title, it's a Navy film, starring Jack Lemmon)

Operation Petticoat

You're In the Navy Now

Mr. Roberts



World War II Navy films focussing on surface craft:


Away All Boats

The Caine Mutiny

They Were Expendable

The Deep Six


The Enemy Below


WWII films about submarines:


Crash Dive

Destination Tokyo

Operation Pacific

Hellcats of the Navy

Run Silent, Run Deep

Torpedo Run

Up Periscope


WWII Films About Naval Avaiators



Flat Top



Korean War films about Naval aviators:


Men of the Fighting Lady

The Bridges of Toko-Ri


Cold war Naval film


The Bedford Incident



And check out a unique movie about Naval weather team in Mongolia during WWII called Destination Gobi

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