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the UNHOLY THREE Original 1925 SILENT version PLEASE !!!

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>If i see "BY BY BIRDIE" playing one more time i'm gonna hafta do somethin' DRASTIC !!!


...especially cuz TCM has seriously cut back on airing SILENT films...and early talkies!!!


..like the "impossible-to-find" 1925 silent version of LON CHANEY's "UNHOLY THREE"...which was aired ONCE, -Like 10 years ago!!!!


...Less "BY BY BIRDIE" and More LON CHANEY !!!

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Actually, *THE UNHOLY THREE* is shown quite frequently. Twice it's even been on TCM Underground in the past year or so. But there are two Chaney's that rarely are broadcast. One is *THE BLACKBIRD* which premiered in October of 2008 on the American TCM, even though it was produced in 2005, and aired on some forign TCM's much earlier. It hasn't been shown since. 2. is *WHERE EAST IS EAST* which literally has not aired since the 90's, and isn't on DVD from Warner Archive. None of the Chaney MGM's are.


Other MGM and Warner Brothers silents that have not aired in years and years would include *MARE NOSTRUM (1926)* which was on the Canadian TCM in 2008, but not in this country in at least 7 years. *TIDE OF EMPIRE (1929),* probably not run in a decade, though on DVD-R from Warner Archive. And *NOAH'S ARK (1928)* which last ran in 2004, or maybe 2003. However, there is some positive news. TCM is showing the *THE PAGAN* in September. That last ran very early in the morning on a week night in 2006. And in November TCM has resurrected *THE VIKING,* which was the first all Two-Color Technicolor feature produced by MGM. Not seen since at least 2000.

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>i believe it's the "talkie" version that's shown frequently?

(possibly i missed a day or two....here and there)...


...thanks for the response...excited about "the VIKING" ...the Pagan too....love all W.S. Van Dyke!



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I don't think so. I haven't seen the 1930 Talkie remake nearly as much as the original 1925 Silent. As you may know, the version TCM still runs of *THE UNHOLY THREE* and for that matter *HE WHO GETS SLAPPED* are old transfers probaly from Safety-stock copied in the 50's or early 60's. The Telecine's were made nearly 40 years ago for Public-TV. These were also released on MGM Laser-disc in the early 90's. Both films were supposed to receive new restorations, and musical scores a few years back. There has been no evidence that this ever happened.


I should say that I know that much better print material does exist and has been screened at festivals. But it hasn't been made available to TCM from Warner's in a broadcast format yet. Or with a recorded score. Much like King Vidor's *THE BIG PARADE.* Hasn't been provided in the not so new anymore restoration (2004) to TCM either. That is why they are still running a slightly modified variant on the Thames Silents version produced for British Television in 1983. I'm starting to wonder if we will ever see the new master on TCM or DVD. I've been waiting for 6 years, and really before that when the project begun in 2002. 8 years.

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