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Your Favorite Film Score?

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Burt Bacharach's score for Casino Royale is the best thing in the movie for me. His fun, clever, upbeat opening promises much more than the movie actually delivers. I like to play this one once or twice a week. I just wish it were longer.


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Le Mepris - Absolutely.


Nino Rota's score for The Leopard.


Brian Easdale's score for The Red Shoes.


The little bits of music in Yasujiro Ozu's films.


Julee Cruise's songs, written by Badalamenti and Lynch, for Twin Peaks (alright, save for the Fire Walk With Me it's TV but these songs are a crucial piece of the fabric of the show and far more penetrating than most film music.)

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Body Heat and then Driving Miss Daisy. Also like the ones from The Big Chill, Forest Gump, Dirty Dancing and similar, but those are compilations of rock and pop hits.

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Thank you, LuckyDan, for introducing me to more of Georges Delarue?s music. I had no ideas his body of work was so vast and his career so long. I only knew him from A Man for All Seasons and Steel Magnolias. From You Tube I have been listening to a wonderful compilation of his contribution to movie and television music. You?ve made my day.

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>Thank you, LuckyDan, for introducing me to more of Georges Delarue?s music . . . You?ve made my day.


Happy to have been a day maker for you, Star, even if it was several days ago.


Your enthusiasm for Mr. Delerue prompted me to read a little about him, and I found that he studied at the Paris Conservatoire with the well-respected french composer, Darius Milhaud, who also taught, years later in America, another composer whose work I've posted here, Burt Bacharach.


I was also unaware that he did as much work in Hollywood as he did. Here is a portion of his score for A Little Romance, which is said to borrow heavily (when it doesn't directly quote) a well-loved Vivaldi piece.




Aw what the hell, let's hear Vivaldi while we're at it.


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Mikl?s R?zsa's score to IVANHOE. Not the master's greatest masterpiece, but still great and my favorite, by turns heroic, romantic, exhilarating and heartbreaking. No one could tell a story in music -- complementing and expanding on the images and dialogue, and not merely reinforcing it -- like R?zsa.

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Great Thread!


Wow! So many great composers and scores!.... Just way too many to list....


A host of wonderful scores from any of these Greats come to mind, like a flood.


*Andre Rieu, Aaron Copland, Bernard Herrmann, Boston Pops, Bruno Coulais, Carter Burwell, Elmer Bernstein, Ennio Morricone, Erich Kunzel, Ferrante & Teicher, Hans Zimmer, Harry Gregson-Williams, Henry Mancini, Itzhak Perlman, James Horner, James Newton Howard, Jerry Goldsmith, John Barry, John Williams, Joshua Bell, Leonard Bernstein, Lalo Schifrin, London Pops, Malcolm Arnold, Max Steiner, Michael Kamen, Ned Nash, Nino Rota, Salter & Skinner, Sir Georg Solti, Trevor Jones & Randy Edelman, Vangelis, Wojciech Kilar,*


I concur with most everything written so far, but I will specifically contribute this...

IMO: I believe that perhaps the single most influential composer/innovator that set the trend for all movie sound tracks to come was *Max Steiner*. And the first movie that made music an actual integrated and essential "character" was *King Kong (1933)* .


Edited by: Stephan55 on Apr 9, 2011 12:56 PM

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To name a few:


VERTIGO (Bernard Herrmann)

PSYCHO (Bernard Herrmann)

GHOST AND MRS. MUIR (Bernard Herrmann)

ALL ABOUT EVE (Alfred Newman)




KINGS ROW (Erich W. Korngold)


NOW VOYAGER (Max Steiner)

A PLACE IN THE SUN (Franz Waxman)


BEN HUR (Miklos Rozsa)

SPELLBOUND (Miklos Rozsa)

LAURA (David Raksin)

THE BIG COUNTRY (Jerome Moross)

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The Battle of Algiers


Open City


Days of Heaven


and several dozen scores for silent films


But to the dump heap with soundtrack for The Graduate ----please.


Edited by: AndyM108 on May 1, 2011 6:03 PM

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My favorite ones just to listen to are The Sting (Lucky Dan, your name reminded me of that one), Fantasia, North by Northwest, Magnificent Seven, Gone With the Wind, and the classic themes of John Williams, my favorite, however, being To Kill a Mockingbird. But I also adore the scores to Citizen Kane and Vertigo, though I can't just listen to them anytime. As a child of the 90s there are a LOT of film scores from that era that I adore (i.e. Hook, Little WOmen, Little Princess, Much Ado About Nothing, Sense and Sensibility...). More than anything though I listen to the lovely sounds of film musicals. :D

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