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B&W War movie staring a group of hawaiian soldiers

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I only saw this movie once many many years ago and have been looking for it ever since.

I can't remember the title and now my memory is failing about the rest of it but it was a

story about a group of soldiers from Hawaii that served together - I think on a ship.

It was B&W - anyone ever seen or heard about it?

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It sounds like you are talking about "Go For Broke", a fictionalized movie about the true-life 442nd Infantry, made up of Japanese Americans, which fought in Italy and France in 1944-45. A coule of the characters in the movie were from Hawaii, and others were from California and elsewhere in the US. Van Johnson played their somwhwat racist (at first) platoon leader. I think it was made in 1951, or thereabouts. I know it was a black and white film.

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Its a good movie and I got to watch Going for broke on my PC. But this isn't the movie I was looking for.

It has to do with a grp of hawaii's that work on a ship and go to war fighting as a group. If you have any more suggestions I would appreciate it.


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How about "Pineapple butai" (1960), aka "Hey, Pineapple." It's listed at:




Also at:




Apparently a Japanese production. I found this by searching keywords at IMDB.com. If this isn't the film you recall you can do the same. Also search the net.

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