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60's day today????

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Ok I was around in the 60's I admit it, I went the way of most of kids in those days, the good old hippie days well the time was right for that but not for the movies, it would take me awhile (for many reasons blew some brain cells during that time) but its hard to think of a film I really like during that time. I know there must be some, I do like westerns How the West was Won is one of my favorites, and any pic with Hepburn (not Caterine the other one) in it I love. But my day sucks when I see a day of those movie years or worst Tarzan, o man thats really scraping the bottom of the barral. So I guess its a news day for me or talk shows I do like Wendy Williams show. And I can always turn on classic music from the bygone years.

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Today, TCM is honoring Woody Strode as part of its *Summer Under the Stars* event. If you like westerns, you might take a look at *Two Rode Together* and *Sgt. Rutledge* as they are both quite good.

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There were some great movies in the 60's. THE GRADUATE, BONNIE AND CLYDE, COOL HAND LUKE. But the overall influence was a bad one. Fuzzy close-ups, usually of flowers. Extreme negativity. The obligatory song in the middle of the show. Some of these effects still linger. Some have vanished. But the movies are worse than ever.

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