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Comedians that are NOT funny

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I like Sarah Silverman. I heard her interviewed on a CBC show recently, and she came across as not only funny, but humble and thoughtful. She's recently written a new book; I got the impression from the interview that she makes fun of herself as much as anyone else.

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I've actually "disaquired" a taste for Sarah Silverman. I used to think she was funny, but recently it occurs to me that she's a one-trick pony, a cute woman who makes calculated "shocking" remarks.

I don't actively dislike her, but she doesn't impress me that much either.

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Sansfin -


Coupling is actually quite a funny show, despite the silly name. I've only seen it once or twice - due to changes in our PBS stations lineup. That scene you described sounds hilarious.


I LOVE French and Saunders - and I know Bronxgirl does too. My favorite is the one where they play ladies who live in a condo in Florida - and are comparing it to their previous home in England. Everything is supersized in their refrigerator - the milk carton is two feet tall, and the bacon package looks about the size of a placemat! The skit ends in death and destruction. :D


AbFab is a riot.


Blackadder is the best of Rowan Atkinson's shows, by far. Miranda Richardson is a scream as "Queenie".


Sarah Silverman is funny.


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Coupling did many great things one could not expect from its genre. They showed storylines from each of several overlapping viewpoints. They had 'what is really being said' replays. They had dream sequences truly meaningful to plot and characterization. One episode you must see is The Girl With Two Breasts It has funniest ever scene: boy is chatting up Jewish girl in bar. She does not speak English. He does not speak Hebrew. He uses gestures to get message across. I thought I knew what was going on and how well he got through. Then they show same scene from her point of view. I will not spoil it because I know I can not do it justice. You must see it but do not eat or drink unless you want nosespray or crumbs flying.


I do not remember any French and Saunders skits. I think that is because they are so irrational. One absurdity piled onto another.


Last of the Summer Wine and Waiting for God are also great British comedies. There are so many I have loved but do not remember without prompts. It has been far too long since I have seen any of them.

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I really enjoyed your detailed post on your fave Brit comedies.


> {quote:title=SansFin wrote:}{quote}

> I do not know why I like British comedies more than American ones.


Uh, could it be because the British are more literate and better spoken? A lot of British humor seems to include language play itself, doesn't it?


The only American comedian I can think of who fits this description is George Carlin.

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> {quote:title=TikiSoo wrote:}{quote}

> could it be because the British are more literate and better spoken? A lot of British humor seems to include language play itself, doesn't it?


It is very funny you mentioned their speech because I was just thinking that reason might be that they leave so much unsaid. In British comedy it often seems as if half of all dialogue is in your head. Each raised eyebrow tells you clearly what they are thinking but refraining from saying aloud.


They do know how to mix it up. In one of my favorite scenes in May to December when Zoe is upset over receiving final notice of divorce and Alec comes into her apartment singing "Divorce Me, Darling":


Zoe: Can't you understand, Alec, I've got a piece of paper that says Zoe Angell: you screwed up eight years. And I don't expect Ginger Bloody Rogers to come waltzing in and turn the whole thing into Singing in the Rain


Alec: Debbie Reynolds.


Zoe: What?


Alec: It was Debbie Reynolds in Singing in the Rain It wasn't Ginger -


Zoe: Alec, we are having a fight. We are not playing film buff of the year.

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