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Seafaring Yarns


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Starting this new thread for prc1966 (carry over from Captain Blood thread).. Some of my favorite nonpirate tales of the sea; Down to the Sea in Ships (Richard Widmark, Lionel Barrymore). The Sea Wolf (Edward G Robinson, John Garfield).


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Thank you, "Doug-Boy".


I'll reiterate my original post here, I was interested in hearing about movies similar to some old favorites of mine, which are about advenutres at sea, but no pirates or naval battles (although treasure does play a part in some of them.


The particiular movies I referred to are


All the Brothers Were Valiant


The World in His Arms




Wake of the Red Witch

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I've come late to this particular party and haven't seen all the seafaring yarns worth seeing yet, but some of my favorites must include:


*Captains Courageous* with Spencer Tracy and Freddie Bartholomew (an excellent adaptation of an even better book)


*The Long Voyage Home* (John Ford movie with John Wayne, Thomas Mitchell and loads of other great ones - though this is set during War)


*Adventure* with Clark Gable, Thomas Mitchell, Greer Garson (not all at sea, but good nonetheless)


I've only caught a part of it and must see the rest, but *The Old Man and the Sea* with Spencer Tracy looked like an interesting adaptation. Is it?


There are other good ones, of course. There are a bunch of naval/war related ones I really like, though not specifically pirate-inspired. For instance *Mutiny on the Bounty*, *The Caine Mutiny*, *Captain Horatio Hornblower* (Gregory Peck; though the series with Ioann Gruffudd was wonderful) and even *Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World* with Russell Crowe.


Any other good ones?

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I really enjoyed Fair Wind To Java with Fred MacMurray, Vera Ralston, Victor McLaglen, Robert Douglas, and Claude Jarman, jr. It was wild and fun.


I also enjoyed :


Blackbeard, The Pirate: robert newton, linda darnell, keith andes


Yankee Buccaneer: jeff chandler, suzan ball


Fortunes Of Captain Blood: louis hayward, patricia medina


Hurricane Smith: john ireland, yvonne decarlo

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I'm with you on that. It's a lot of fun to be transported to another era of pirates and treasure and the like. I love old escapist films especially Maria Montez movies. So much fun to be had. I feel like i'm stuck on the ship/island with these actors and foaming at the mouth over buried treasure. I hope more of this type will come out on dvd.

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