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there should be an anime day (or month). maybe next year when the new live action Akira (that is when it should be coming out) maybe TCM can show anime movies on tuesdays and thursdays. i remember the Sci Fi channel use to show anime on saturday mornings from 9am to 11am (sometimes 12pm depending on the movie). if tcm does show anime, they should show Akira.

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TCM paid tribute to Hayao Miyazaki in January of 2006 with a month of his films and other Studio Ghibli works. Grave of the Fireflies aired sometime later that year. I don't see TCM doing Japanese animation in general; Miyazaki and Ghibli are on a totally different plain of quality that Japanese animation, and animation in general, very rarely reaches anymore.


I liked Akira when I was younger but the most recent time I watched it (I think in 2007) it was unbearable at times (TETSUO! KANEDA! TETSUO! KANEDA!) I think as far as mature, sci-fi animation goes, Ghost in the Shell is far superior; the economy of a good short story, none of the histrionics, fewer cliches, a better visual and general aesthetic sensibility.


I'm not saying it definitely shouldn't happen or that it could never happen but I do think that there would be trouble finding enough genuinely good films to show. I think it might be more plausible for TCM to do a month of "Animation From Around the World" and feature Japan in that context.

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I still remember that amazing month they showed Ghilbli films. That was incredible! I was introduced to so many of his films that I had never seen before. Cannot beat the incredibleness of Ghibli animation these days, esp. their amazing backgrounds. (I miss hand animation!) It was especially cool to have John Lasseter introduce them, as he is such a great fan and a great speaker.

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It figures that they did a tribute to Studio Ghibli the year I was without cable :P



But I agree that something like this would be nice. The bigest problem is that some of the seminal works of anime would be hard to show in the prime time slots. Of course, even if you wanted to do general anime, you could have a ghibli film or something along the lines of Kimba in the 8 or 10 spot, then movies like Ghost in the Shell or Akira could be on midnight or later. I'd also love to if they added subtitles to Momotaro: Umi no Shinpei, which was japan's first animated feature. While it was a propaganda films, it would be neat to see.



I also wouldn't mind it opened up into a month dedicated to international animated films in general. France, Russia, and the Czech Republic have all but out some excellent efforts. Though very few of the latter two country's films have been officially subitled and released here.


Still, it's a thought :)


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