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Netflix film reviews


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Does anyone take the time to read some of the user comments on Netflix about the films?


I read one for DRAGON SEED by a user called HighVirgo. This is the funniest thing I have seen in a long time. I actually think it might cause people to rent the film, just for the heck of it:


*My father will please speak to my brother so my brother may pass my soy sauce for my chow mein. My Katharine Hepburn is married to my Turhan Bey, and my Turhan Bey seem to be only actor from my China or at least has best eye make-up of all actor from my central casting. All actor way of talking is stilted, ah so, and stifling, ah so, and stultifying, ah so so. Make unwitting mockery of China folk with my Dragon Seed flick, depicting young wifey who lead whole clan to noble thingies during my WWII. Way actor talk make some dim. Audience leave place of TV to do dishes. China folk brave. Honorable Walter Huston prove same. Dishonorable Akim Tamiroff play greedy with Russian accent. Kate Of The Connecticut play put-upon dame to no effect. J. Carole Naish play cruel ****. All Japs cruel. All Chinese good. Very nice. Go see. Very serious. Do not laugh. Just say: my my my.*


Supposedly, 5 out of 6 people found this review helpful...

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No doubt the five were family members.


I will sometimes browse the reviews to see if they know what they are talking about. Sometimes those one and two star reviews are because someone got a bad disc. I don't often go much beyond the first page unless there are widely varied comments.

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Sometimes there are rather interesting comments, especially when a film has a controversial aspect to it.


For example, the reviews for Joan Crawford's film TORCH SONG are very wide-ranging and actually mostly positive...but most everyone does comment on the black-face number.


From user name Red head:


*I was so taken aback by this movie that I am compelled to write a review. I can not get the black face musical number out of my head. Joan was almost too big for this picture. The colors, her legs, the sets......all bigger than life. Great over the top fun. Also, the director of the film is the man in the begin dance number that she belittles.*


59 out of 61 members found this review helpful

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There is a user named kinoliebe (German for 'cinemalove'). He has a sexy shirtless picture on his profile. He has written 122 reviews.


He says, quote: I love cinema. I watch too many movies. My partner tells me I should get out more. I say, "Shut up and pass the popcorn."


This is what he wrote about LADY OF BURLESQUE:


*Here's a chance to see Barbara Stanwyck singing and dancing! Interesting look at the world of what at the time was a dying entertainment form: burlesque skits and musical numbers. The characters are obvious stereotypes we've seen before in other backstage stories and the murder mystery is hardly engrossing or satisfying. But the burlesque scenes I thought were definitely worth it - especially the dancing duel that showcases Stanwyck's athletic and choreographic talents. I also loved the wisecracking show biz dialogue. I don't think anyone writes lines like those anymore.*


29 out of 32 members found this review helpful.

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Guess what film jbot27 is reviewing on Netflix:


*Too fabulously bad for five stars, but Collins fans (and those who want to relive those sensational seventies) will love it. First saw this film almost 30 years ago, and still remember several over-the-top scenes with crystal clarity. Chew that scenery, Joannie!*



8 out of 10 members found this review helpful.


(If you guessed THE STUD, you're right.)

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  • 3 months later...

What does it mean exactly when a movie star is compared to lint? LOL


"Sonja in eye popping Technicolor. While she was never a very good actress she has a certain charm and of course she skates skillfully. Neither can be said of her leading man Micheal OShea who has the screen presence of lint. Watch this for the stunning if sometimes ludicrous costumes and the skating sequences."


Reviewed by customer JN868608



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By the way, I just finished watching this...and I have to say that Michael O'Shea (husband of Virginia Mayo and movie star in his own right) is not lint. It was a pleasure to watch IT'S A PLEASURE. It was only the second or third movie that O'Shea had done, but I think he was more than adequate.


The Technicolor in this film is gorgeous. The costumes are amazing, and Sonja is always entertaining. The scene stealer in this picture, however, is character actress Iris Adrian. I love her voice, and she rivals Eve Arden in the wisecracks department.



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