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Ghandi went on a Hunger Strike and Vanished!


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Well Ok, he was sentenced to prison!

But he still Vanished.


Just WHY does a movie that was to run until 8PM (Eastern Time) stop at 6:30???


Now this is going to be interesting since the next movie mentioned on air,

doesn't start until 8...???


Just WHO at TCM doesn't like Ghandi???

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And now he is back.


The good news is that someone caught the problem so the rest of the films this evening won't be running an hour and 15 minutes off.


The bad news? The promos after *Gandhi* will be the same as many of us just saw!



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*I guess Ghandi didn't have an intermission so TCM made one.*


But the problem with thinking it was planned is that towards the end the intro to *Essentials, Jr* played and then John Lithgow began talking about today's *Essentials, Jr* which is *Swiss Family Robinson*.


He did the entire intro to *SFR* and then said "now Swiss Family Robinson* and then suddenly the film went back to *Gandhi*.


So, something got fouled up.

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Ever noticed how short the theatrical *Intermissions* are? There is not enough time to go to the restroom or grab a snack. A 5 min Intermission can be welcomed for *long* movies.




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The film stopped right after he was sentenced to prison, then Ben Mankiewicz came on and said something like, ?We are showing Gandhi today?. That is known as a ?seque? ? a ?seg-way? ? and it means the 20 minute break was planned. He did NOT give an end-of-film conclusion yet. This was a planned break.

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Don't panic folks! It was obviously a technical glitch. Like all other networks, TCM's on-air operation is pretty much automated and run by computer. Most likely somebody typed the wrong number or code into the computer and instead of the second reel of GHANDI starting something else did instead. It shouldn't have happen, but it did.

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*This was a planned break.*


No it wasn't. If it were planned, then the opening to *Essentials, Jr* and the intro from John Lithgow for *Swiss Family Robinson* would not have played. Lithgow even said "now, *Swiss Family Robinson* and viewers thought we were going to see *SFR* an hour and 15 minutes early.


Instead, the broadcast reverted back to *Gandhi* which hopefully means the schedule is back on track.


You should check out your thread in Hot Topics and another poster saw the segue and offers a different explanation than yours.

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